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Why going on a Diet is no Fun

It is never any fun to go on a diet because it means you have to think carefully about what you’re eating and drinking and how much food and drink you’re consuming. You then have to work out how active you are and decide whether you should be doing more. If you’re overweight you clearly haven’t been doing enough exercise to burn off the calories you’ve been taking on board and so the chances are you will have to increase your activity levels in order to reverse your weight gain. Thus, when trying to lose weight you have to formulate some kind of plan – you can no longer be as spontaneous as you used to be.

When you’re not on a diet you don’t even bother to think about what you’re eating, as it’s just something that you do. You have to eat to survive, but eating is also an enjoyable activity that passes the time and can be something you do without necessarily thinking about. You may reach for a packet of cookies or a bag of popcorn whenever you sit down to watch a movie and simply nibble away. You don’t pay any attention to the number of calories you’re consuming because why should you? At least that’s the attitude you take until you start piling on the pounds.

As soon as you discover you’re heavier than you’d like to be you either try to ignore the problem or you address it straightaway. Trying to pretend that your weight isn’t an issue doesn’t work for long, as you may continue to pile on the pounds which makes the prospect of losing weight even harder to deal with, as you know it’s going to take you quite awhile to slim down again. Thus, you end up having to address the problem sooner or later and it always requires the same action – you have to reduce your calorie intake so it is lower than you calorie expenditure.

You can either go about this sensibly by following a healthy eating plan and doing more exercise or in a more drastic fashion by going on a crash diet. Obviously, the first route is preferable to starving yourself, as you are still able to enjoy your meals and even treat yourself to some calorific treats now and again. It’s much more difficult to stick to a very restrictive diet, especially for long periods of time and if you try to deprive yourself too much it may backfire so that you end up bingeing on junk food and giving up on your weight-loss plans altogether.

Whether you lose weight sensibly, or not, going on a diet isn’t any fun as you have to remain aware of your eating, drinking and exercise habits which you didn’t have to before.