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Why Fad Diets Won’t help you Manage your Weight in the Long Term

It is clear that fad diets won’t help you manage your weight in the long term because the whole point of fad diets is that they get you to shift a lot of weight fast.

The ‘creators’ of diets aren’t particularly concerned with your long-term health and well-being; they just want you to lose lots of weight quickly so that you go and tell all your friends, who also go out and buy the book, before you realise that the diet hasn’t actually ‘cured’ you of your weight problem. This is why these diets are ‘fads’ because they come and go – they’re popular for the short time they appear to work, but soon lose their appeal once the pounds begin to pile on again.

Thus, if you want to manage your weight and avoid the hassle of having to lose weight every time you step on the scales to find you’re heavier than you would like you really ought to avoid fad diets.

As already mentioned, the main purpose of fad diets is to get you to lose weight quickly, but this won’t prepare you for what to do once you’ve reached your goal weight. Whenever you go on a diet you’re not exactly encouraged to eat healthily, but rather to focus on eating foods which are known to be low in calories. In the long run, however, you can’t avoid the temptation of chocolates and cakes, and so you need to learn how to control your inclination to overindulge.

Rather than using diets to control your weight you therefore have to get used to serving smaller meals and not snacking as much, while also reducing the amount of junk food you eat and incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. You also need to make exercise a regular feature of your life so that you can burn off any extra calories you may consume.

Indeed, this is what weight management boils down to – striking the right balance between the number of calories you put into your body and the number you expend. Fad diets shift the balance to enable you to lose weight, but they do so in such a way that you don’t get used the habits that can help you control your weight in the longer term. You basically go from starving yourself to eating whatever you want and the main consequence of such behaviour is weight gain.

It isn’t exactly ideal to watch your weight continually fluctuating, as it plays havoc with your metabolism and can leave you with low self-esteem and so it is best to just eschew fad diets and embrace a healthier lifestyle in order for you to manage your weight.