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Why Drinking Soda can Harm you

It’s hard to believe that a popular drink enjoyed by millions and often thought of as a classic favorite is so extremely harmful and damaging to one’s health. The truth is shocking and the studies are appalling. The facts show drinking one soda a day will quickly deteriorate your system and if you drink soda excessively, 3 to 5 sodas or more daily, you are dangerously playing with your whole well being. If you are a soda lover and drink it at least once a day then you need to read this article.

It’s obvious people love sugar. Every baby is born with a sweet tooth for its mother’s milk so it doesn’t seem accurate to recognize sugar is bad. However, it’s not completely the sugars fault. It’s the simple but complex combination of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel food coloring, phosphoric acid and other natural flavors, that are the ingredients in Soda. How can a beverage with 5 ingredients be that bad for you and taste so good at the same time? Simply put is the unnatural sugar or refined sugar and the caffeine combined with sodium that is so harmful. Read below for just a few of the effects soda does to the human body.

The refined sugar in soda is considered an unnatural substance because it does not occur naturally in the environment. So in other words, a whole bunch of chemicals mixed together that your body is not equipped for. Drinking just two sodas a day depresses your immune system by 50%. The white blood cells that make up your immune system then become engulfed in the bacteria hanging out in your intestines and you become sick. Real sugar in complex carbs, did not caused this weakening of the immune system. This explains why you don’t have your full energy level after having just your second soda of the day. The soda sends your body into over time trying to fight off the bacteria and studies showed that in most people the bad bacteria always won and they were often sick compared to people who didn’t drink soda.

On top of being sick, the caffeine in soda is a diuretic which causes you to lose water storage and then combined with the sodium exacerbates you thirst. That’s dehydration times two and because sugar hits your blood stream immediately you are thirstier and craving more sugar instantaneously. This causes anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue. If you drink soda daily basis you can add a hormonal imbalance to the list. Many people feel like they need a soda to quench their thirst but the truth is it dehydrated your body and made you thirstier. Also because the abundance of sugar sends a signal to your body to release an outpour of insulin, you now have a boost of energy but within minutes your body stabilizes the sugar and you begin to come down from a sugar high you didn’t even know you were on.

If you are a excessive soda drinker your likely to get symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, a condition that is caused by high sugar in the blood that kills the nerves in your feet and turns them blue. If you get a tingly numb sensation and notice a blue or purple tone if your feet, you need to stop drinking soda immediately and head to the doctor. Diabetics who maintain high blood sugar over a long period of time often have to have their feet amputated because the nerves in their feet are dead.

Lastly the phosphoric acid in soda increases the excretion of calcium and magnesium through urination. This makes your bone more sensitive to breakage, fractures, and strains. Your body naturally loses calcium and you can take all the vitamins you can find to replace this loss, but if your drinking soda you are peeing it out of your body faster than putting it in.

After drinking soda daily for 20 years how is a person to stop cold turkey? It’s sometimes hard but it can be as easy as replacing soda with a beverage you enjoy. First stop purchasing soda. If it’s not in your home it won’t be accessible and so easy to grab. Second, try experimenting with different flavors of different beverages. Putting flavored packets in your water give it a different and unique taste. Somewhat like how soda has that unique taste. You can also try stocking up on juices, water, and fruit smoothies. Having something different each time will help keep your mind off soda. Also for the sweet lovers who are stumped and can’t get away from soda should try the popular and healthy Smart cookie for life diet. It feeds your sweet tooth while helping your cravings.

The good news out of all of this is you can expect to lose 15 to 25 pounds of fat and body mass within a month or two of quitting drinking soda. That’s a lot of unwanted stored fat that your body can start getting rid of almost immediately.