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Why do so many People Decide to get Fit in the new Year

The New Year provides people with the perfect excuse to do something about their fitness, especially if they’ve spent the previous few weeks eating huge amounts of food and drinking large quantities of alcohol. Often people gain a few pounds over Christmas, as their usual routine is disrupted and there is no structure to their day, so that they eat and drink more than usual, while exercising less. The New Year is regarded as a break from what went before, and thus many people consider it a good opportunity to lose a bit of weight and work on their fitness.

It helps that so many others decide to work on their fitness in the New Year, committing themselves to various New Year’s resolutions. This means that there are usually deals to be had on gym membership as well as exercise equipment, since those involved in fitness obviously want to capitalise on an increased interest in exercise during this period. No matter how unfit an individual is they can console themselves that they are not alone, as they only have to look at the person beside them puffing and panting away on a treadmill to realise precisely why they have to get fit!

Many people are enthusiastic about losing weight and getting fitter in the New Year, simply because it is a new year. If the previous year was a difficult one for them, they have the opportunity for a fresh start, and a healthy diet and new fitness program can form part of this. Exercise can help them to de-stress and improve their overall well-being, leaving them less susceptible to colds and illnesses. It helps if they have a goal in mind, rather than throwing themselves into a fitness program for a couple of weeks before growing bored of it, and chucking the whole thing in. This also means finding an activity, or indeed range of activities, they enjoy doing.

Since the New Year is all about change many individuals can find themselves open to new possibilities, prepared to try activities they have never done before, and if they manage to come across something they really like doing they will find that they actually want to continue working on their fitness.

Indeed, it is important for people to acknowledge that while the start of a new year may motivate them to work on their fitness, they have to keep up with their fitness regime throughout the year, as people need to continue exercising regularly in order to feel the benefits. All too many people abandon their fitness plan after a couple of weeks, and thus individuals need to build on the momentum the New Year gives them to increase their fitness, not just give up because becomes too much hard work.