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Why do People Eat Junk Food when they know its Bad for them

One of the problems with today’s society is that everybody is so busy rushing around that they don’t take the time to look after themselves by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Too often food is eaten on the go and is chosen because it is quick and easy to prepare rather than for its nutritional content. Junk food has become a part of most people’s life, and the evidence is plain to see as more people are becoming obese and their health suffering as a result of their weight. Despite the fact that junk food is bad for people’s health most continue to eat junk food, but why?

People who consume large quantities of junk food – food which is high in calories, but low in nutritional value – are more likely to become obese, to develop diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. Their mental health may also suffer, as if they have a weight problem they could also have low self-esteem, whilst junk food tends to contain a lot of sugar which can be addictive. It is not unusual for people to suffer mood swings and cravings for sugar-laden foods when they have not had a sugar-fix. This may be one reason why people eat junk food even though they know it’s bad for them, as they have a compulsion to.

How do they get hooked in the first place, though? It is usually family and friends who introduce them to junk food, and parents have a particular responsibility to ensure their children eat well. It seems that they may well be failing, though, as childhood obesity levels rise, and since adults seem to be having such a hard time controlling their own weight it is not surprising that they hand their bad habits on to their children. If parents eat a lot of junk food, the chances are their children will, too, and children can’t be accused of knowing that junk food is bad for them if they are simply emulating their elders.

Parents, however, lead busy lives and find stopping off at McDonald’s or Burger King for some fries and burger less burdensome than having to cook a meal from scratch. There is also the added bonus that fast food usually tastes pretty good, and isn’t all that expensive. It is not unusual to enter a supermarket and see convenience meals, chocolate bars, cakes, biscuits, sweets, and crisps on special offer, and they generally look more appetising than the apples and oranges on display.

Indeed, advertising can play a role in getting people to buy junk food and fast food in the first place if they see an advertisement for a new product, particularly if it is cheap, and may want to try it as a result. Once they’ve tried it, they may find themselves going back for it again and again. This can be a particular problem for those who have a habit of comfort eating – they don’t usually reach for healthy options, but rather junk food, since it tastes good and makes them feel good for a short time, and so stocking up on junk food is simply asking for trouble if they are unable to control their urges.

There are a number of reasons why people continue to eat junk food despite knowing it’s bad for them, which isn’t a problem when they are able to moderate their intake. The trouble is that most people seem to be eating too much junk food which is affecting their weight and their health. It is these individuals who have to learn to control whatever it is that makes them want to eat junk food all the time, so they can find a way to resist the constant temptation of it.