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Why do People Eat even when They’re Full up

You can quite easily find yourself eating more than you should when what you’re food tastes so good and there is so much of it available. Nobody wants to waste food, and so you end up finishing whatever is on your plate, even if you’re full up.

Since people are generally eating larger portions of food than they did in the past this can add up to quite a lot of calories, and yet people can’t seem to stop themselves from overfilling their plate with food.

Food is relatively cheap, and so when you go shopping you can find yourself putting items into your shopping basket that aren’t particularly good for you, containing high quantities of fat, salt, and sugar, just because they are on special offer.

Once you put these items into your cupboards at home it is hard to resist the temptation to eat them. Some people are able to eat one cookie at a time, but a far greater number find themselves chomping on one after the other, until they have finished the whole packet. This has nothing to do with hunger, but usually greed.

It doesn’t help that foods crammed full of sugar have an addictive quality anyway. You get a sugar rush and feel good after a sweet treat, so that you begin to associate eating junk food with positive feelings.

It is therefore unsurprising that many people find that they crave foods containing sugar, so that they continue to get that buzz. Indeed, when people are feeling depressed or bored it tends to be calorific junk food that they crave and which they eat as it leaves them feeling good. Unfortunately, this mental boost doesn’t last long, as they soon feel guilty for having binged, and yet this can make them inclined to eat even more food.

People also eat when they are not hungry because they feel obliged to. If you go to your parents for a meal and are served a huge plate of food you feel that you have to eat everything there, and that it would be rude not to finish your plate. Consequently, no matter how full you are you continue to eat. Similarly, if you’ve gone out for a meal with friends and you’ve paid a lot of money for the food you want to get your money’s worth, and so will eat it whether you are hungry or not.

There are a number of reasons why people continue to eat even when they’re full up, but it usually comes down to the habits they have developed. If you’ve been taught from a young age to eat everything on your plate you are likely to carry this mentality with you, which means you may not waste food, but you might have difficulty saying no to food when you’re full.