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Why do i need an Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeons go through intense training in their craft. They are highly experienced in surgical techniques, and usually are employed to do wisdom teeth extraction. Although dentists can also do extractions, oral surgeons can tackle some really difficult dental complications and are the professionals to go to when and if you need dental surgery.

From personal experience, my visit with an oral surgeon happened just a few days ago. I am now recuperating from a bicuspid extraction and am doing fine. The oral surgeon I visited has done quite a few procedures on my mouth already, as I had some complications from medicine I had to take which affected my teeth.

When advanced dental work needs to be done, it is advised to visit an oral surgeon. They are also experienced in anesthesia, as some of the procedures they do require the patient to be out cold! Only the most brave of patients would even dare to be awake during some of the work an oral surgeon does. I for one want to be out completely!

Not only are oral surgeons trained in all areas of dental science, but they also have the ability to work on all areas of the face, such as the jaws, skull and associated structures. Dentists specialize primarily in teeth, but oral surgeons have to have experience in the gums, jawbone and neck area as well. Any sort of advanced surgery requires an oral surgeon as opposed to a dentist.

An oral surgeon also has experience with preparation for dentures and implants. For instance, in my case after I needed a tooth extracted, a decision whether to have a bridge in the open area or an implant was facing me. An oral surgeon will graft the bone that is needed for the foundation of a dental implant. This is highly specialized work, and one that an qualified oral surgeon is trained to do. Ultimately, I’ve decided to do a small bridge in the area of the extraction. However, I do have a dental implant, and I had my oral surgeon prepare the area for me.

Usually your dentist will advise you if you need the work of an oral surgeon. When the time comes to make those decision concerning advanced oral work, a visit to a qualified oral surgeon is good insurance for the protection of a healthy mouth!