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Why Damp Houses Make you Sick

Mould is an organism that is found throughout the world, their function is to breakdown matter and release the contained nutrients back into the natural system.
As it does this it reproduces by releasing billions of tiny dust particles called spores, it is these spores that land and become the next mouldy spot in your house. They will live on any natural material and many manmade ones that contain natural materials, like wallpaper or fabrics. Once they get in these they stain it black and the stain is impossible to remove even with peroxide or bleach.
The allergic reaction to mould is actually when the body has a severe reaction to the spores and only a very small amount of these can cause a bad reaction. People suffer from itching skin or asthma and some people can get other symptoms that include headaches and tiredness and feeling very sick. Some people have such a severe reaction that it can even be life threatening but fortunately this is rare with mould allergy.
Mould allergy from outdoors moulds happen during the late spring and early autumn when the air is still warm and damp. It is worst in farmland areas because of the amount of rotting woods and plants. This can give sufferers problems that are sometimes confused with hay fever from hazel pollen, because it is confused people don’t get the right treatment for it and they suffer every year when they don’t have to. If your doctor knows you have a mould allergy then he can give you anti-histamines that will stop the skin rashes and the asthma but it doesn’t cure the allergy and you will always have it.
Indoors mould spores can now happen all year round because of central heating and the damp air in the house from cooking and washing. Anywhere where there is damp and still air, mould will grow and once it gets big enough it releases the billions of allergy causing spores into your house.
To stop them you must keep you house dry and well aired, so that spores blow away and don’t build up in the air. If any where is damp, then the wetness must be stopped because the mould will come back after cleaning if you don’t. Any mould in the house should be treated with anti-mould chemicals; you can buy these from the hardware store. If you have animals in the house then read the cans carefully because some are not friendly to animals, simple precautions listed on the can normally means they can be used if the pets are taken out of the house for a while.