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Why Children are Eating so much Junk Food

Unlike adults, kids convinced with simple reasons. For a kid “Food Pyramid”, “Nutrition facts”, “Fat percentage”, and “Calories” does not mean anything. They are quite healthy and energetic and for a food, being delicious and yummy is enough to be chosen by them. There are quite a lot of simple reasons for kids to prefer junk over healthy foods. Here, I tried to explain some of them related to junk foods. Later on I will explain some other related to the kids themselves.

1 – Junk foods are delicious

Junk foods taste very good. Some are salty, some sour, and some spicy. Usually they are fried with a lot of oil which make it even more delicious. Adding melted cheese and tomato sauce plus egg make it absolutely delicious. Depending on type of junk food they might have some of these items or all together which makes them taste different but all delicious. No, I didn’t forget about chocolate and sweet cookies taste which is another definition for delicious.

2 – Junk foods are cheap

Most of the junk foods are only a few dollar. Completely compatible with the budget of a kid or completely financial reasonable for parents.

3 – Junk foods are easy to eat

They made to eat easily and everywhere. Regardless of where in the bus or in the school or in house or in car kids are, they can still enjoy their junk foods.

4 – Junk food are easy to carry

Junk foods packaging is in a way that kids can carry it in their bag or their hands easily. Or even eat while walking or running.

5 – Some junk foods are crunchy

Sometimes it is not about the taste only, it is about how junk foods sounds when kids eat them. The crunchy sound of a cracker is strong enough for a kid to make him continue eating of the cracker to hear that sound which is combined with the good taste of the cracker. Sound and taste make such a strong combination for kids that it is very hard for them to avoid junks.

6 – Junk foods are colorful

The junk foods themselves and their packages are so colorful and beautiful that automatically attracted any kids to them. Usually the picture of cartoon characters exists on the packaging of the junk foods. The junk foods themselves also designed to be perfectly good in the look. Look at all orange and yellow and red and fresh green colors in the junk food combination.

7 – Junk foods are energizer

Look at how much calories each piece of junk food carry. It is a lot of energy indeed which can guarantee the kids energy for a while. Kids like to play and junk food give them the energy to do that. This is enough reason for a kid to eat them.

8 – Less time or no time to prepare

Most of the junk foods are ready to eat, or just a few minute form eating. This is a score for them. When kids are hungry, it is very hard to ask them to wait for a long time for the food to be prepared. Usually junk foods are the best options in the time constraints.

9 – Junk foods are everywhere

They are surrounding the kids. In the pharmacies, in the metro station, in the house, in the park, and etc. Junk foods are just accessible everywhere. How a kid could avoid something that taste good and look good and keep appearing in front of his eyes.

As I said in the beginning of this text, there are some reasons related to the foods which I explained and there are some reasons directly related to the kids which makes them eat junk foods more and more which i explain here.

1 – Kids are too fit to think about fitness

Most of the kids move a lot, play a lot, and run a lot. They burn as much as energy they want. It makes them to be fit even they are receiving a lot of calories from the junk foods. And because there is no physical evidence in their body shape, it is even harder to explain to them how bad it is to consume a lot of junk foods.

2 – Kids are too young to think about health issues

Basically kids don’t have the understanding level that what damages junk food might cause to their body and their health in the future. It is very very hard task to explain to a kid the consequences related to over consumption of junk foods.

3 – Kids are easily influenced by advertisements

It is clear that kids are the easiest group of targets in advertisements to convinced to use a junk food with all delicious features and colorful packages. Additional to that, kids will follow what they see, and if they see that a lot of kids in the advertisements are enjoying eating delicious junk foods, by sure they will give it a try to have the same joy.

4 – Some kids get addicted to junk foods

Because of any of above mentioned reasons, kids may get addicted to the junk foods and the junk food became a need for their body system. This is a very dangerous situation that may put the kids in the risk of not having enough healthy foods and causes possible future heath issues.

Kids eat junk food because of their lack of knowledge and their basic needs and desires. But as adults, we have a bigger rule in their bad habits. We trade off our kid’s health with the profit of junk foods industry and advertisement, laziness of preparing healthy foods, and saving some money on using junk foods instead of real foods.