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Why being Overweight can Make you Sad

It is probably difficult for people who have never had a weight problem to understand how being overweight makes you feel, especially when you are carrying more than just a few extra pounds. When you are so heavy that every aspect of your life is adversely affected it can be hard to stay positive about your future and so you just end up feeling sad. You can’t imagine that the situation will ever change, as losing weight is too hard. You’ve tried and failed in the past, so how are things ever going to be any different?

Being overweight can definitely make you sad, as you seem to spend your whole time looking at everyone else who is slimmer and more attractive than you, making yourself jealous and dissatisfied with your own appearance at the same time. The idea that the perfect body is a slim one is simply reinforced whenever you look through magazines, as the pages are always littered with conventionally attractive, slim models. Similarly, when you watch television it is always the slim characters that are the most beautiful, while any overweight ones that pop up are usually figures of fun.

It is not only in the false, fabricated world of the media where you’re better off being slim, though, as being overweight can make it difficult to find clothes that fit. Even when you do the clothes don’t always look good on you, as they may not be age appropriate or they fail to enhance your assets. Sometimes, you don’t even see the point in making an effort with your appearance, anyway, as whatever you do won’t alter the fact that you’re fat. Clearly, being overweight can take its toll on your confidence levels and self-esteem, which leaves you in desperate need of reassurance.

However, rather than receiving reassurance you are likely to be teased and tormented about your weight. There are occasions when this is just a case of friendly banter and you may even play along if it’s your friends and relatives telling jokes, although you are probably storing these up to make yourself feel worse later on. Then there are the times when random strangers seem to feel that it is their place to inform you that you’re fat and ugly, which is just what you don’t need to hear when this is what you believe to be the truth, anyway.

It is therefore evident that being overweight can make you sad, as it tends to be your weight that marks you out from everyone else, which makes you more conscious of your appearance, especially living in a society where you are valued more for being slim. Being overweight has a significant impact on all areas of your life and the worst thing is that you feel powerless to change anything.