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Why am i not Losing Weight

Have you been dieting for months but failing to get the weight loss results you expected? If so, it’s time to make some adjustments to your plan, so you can get more results.

You should assess your diet plan against some of the things that keep people from losing weight. You may find that you are making some mistakes, based on lack of awareness or attention to detail.

Below are some of the top reasons you may not be losing weight.

1) You are miscalculating how much food you should have each day.

To lose weight, you must burn off more calories than you consume. It’s that cut and dried, for the most part. Many people, however, make the mistake of grossly underestimating how many calories various foods have.

As a result, they are eating more than they should, if they want to drop weight. Do you fall into that camp? If so, educate yourself on how many calories are in various food items.

First, learn to read nutritional labels on food packaging, and pay attention to them. Be sure to carefully look at the number of servings in any particular item, and multiple the calories per serving to get the total.

Oftentimes, a giant candy bar, for example, may list 120 calories per serving. Yet, the candy bar may have four servings in it! So instead of consuming a reasonable number of calories, you are taking in 480 calories in one snack, given you eat the entire bar.

Also, consult with online databases to get an estimate of calories for all kinds of food items. One excellent resource is Calorie King.

Next, determine how many calories are appropriate for you to have each day to lose weight. You may need to see a nutritionist to get this number. Then do a better job of keeping track of how much you are eating.

2) You think certain foods are healthy, without realizing how many calories they have.

This reason for lack of weight loss is closely linked to the first reason provided in this article. But, there is a subtle difference.

Let’s say you think that grilled chicken is healthy. You have figured out how many calories it has, and you order it at a restaurant.

But the chicken you ordered is actually high in calories. What went wrong with this seemingly healthy food choice? First, a reasonable portion of grilled chicken is 4-5 ounces. Yet, the restaurant served a huge portion, which contains far more calories than you bargained for.

Second, the restaurant has made some special efforts to ensure your grilled chicken is tasty. They have used butter when preparing it, and lots of butter at that! Now your lean piece of chicken is loaded with fat, which adds plenty of calories.

Getting a feel for how you can go really wrong, even when you think you are eating healthy? The good news is you can continue to educate yourself. And, learn to order your food at restaurants in ways that can help lower calories. You can always say things like, “Please do not use butter or extra oil when preparing.”

3) You are going to happy hour frequently, but not counting the calories in those drinks.

Alcohol can be fun, no doubt. But it can also sabotage your weight loss efforts! Did you know that many drinks are loaded with calories? And, they are empty calories at that – meaning that they have no nutritional value whatsoever.

If you are trying to lose weight, then you will want to limit how often and how much you drink. When you do go out, stick to light beer. Or, if you get a liquor drink, mix it with soda water and not high-calorie soda.

4) You are exercising more, but using that to eat a lot more.

It’s important to get more exercise when you diet. But, a tricky situation can arise. People often make the mistake of thinking they can eat a lot more because they are exercising.

That is just not the case, unless you are spending hours in the gym. Be sure to continue to cut your calories, even as you get in your workouts. The exercise will simply help you burn more calories faster.

5) You are not being honest with yourself.

Perhaps the real reason you are not losing weight is you are not being totally honest with yourself. Oftentimes, for example, people may make decent choices during the week but then give themselves a bit of a break on the weekend.

These ‘days off’ from a diet can totally undo the days they ate well and exercised! So, while they may tell themselves they are on a diet, they really are not.

Your goal should be consistency, and on a daily basis. Ask yourself if you are really doing this. Or, are you in a bit of denial about certain things you are doing?

These are some of the main reasons you may not be losing the weight you desire. If you truly think that these reasons do not apply to you, then you may want to consider a medical consultation. Occasionally, people have medical issues, such as thyroid problems, that are slowing down their weight-loss efforts.

But usually, people fail to lose weight because they are just not following a program that will enable success. Losing weight requires commitment. This commitment can be tough to keep, but remember that it is completely worth it.