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Why a Tapeworm Diet is Dangerous

Okay, a sanitized tapeworm diet? I never heard anything so stupid in a diet solution in all of my life! Before I would ever do something so irrational, I would go for stomach stapling first rather than do something like this. You actually eat these sanitized worms in order to lose weight. Before you would consider doing such a thing, let’s take a look at what the tapeworm does inside the body. The purpose of my article is to point out what having a tapeworm inside of the body does, and how it not only cause rapid weight loss, but other very serious medical conditions. Not only would tapeworms eat your foods you have ingested, but also all of your essential nutrients.

Tapeworms are of different species which number four. There is the pork tapeworm, beef tapeworm, dwarf tapeworm, and then the fish tapeworm. When you have ingested any of these worms in order to lose your weight, you will at some point, maybe even early on, start showing serious symptoms. Besides fast weight loss, you’ll have nausea, feel weak, have a stomach ache, diarrhea sets in so you’ll lose more nutrients, and lack of appetite. When a person keeps on in spite of these symptoms eating tapeworms sanitized or not, to lose weight, other things that are not so pleasant WILL eventually happen. These other symptoms are things that show an invasive infection such as:

You will have fevers eventually. That is a guarantee. Your immune system isn’t going to stand up to this forever, and you’ll start running fevers to try and fight infections.

Echinococcosis is very serious, and when this happens it is the liver that is mostly affected with many cysts. In some cases liver transplants are even required.

Your body will develop lumps and cysts too. This is due to what is known as Cysticerosis. The larvae from the tapeworm, and they all have larvae, will live in all of your body tissues and your organs too. The lesions and cysts you are making will pop out over the course of months. Organ function at some point and time is going to rebel, and say, “enough, I’m going to quit and rupture!” So when that happens, you are in deep woods.

After a bit, the brain is going to rebel if you persist in doing this. Neurocysticerosis is highly serious, and attacks both the brain and nervous system as well. As a result, vision is disturbed and seizures set in which can cause fatal results.

If the result of staying on the sanitized tapeworm diet does not become fatal to you, then you will need treatments to clear up the medical issues that have happened and get rid of the tapeworm infections. There are medicines that will kill the tapeworm infections that have migrated in your body, especially the liver or the intestinal tract. If cysts have formed, chances are you will need surgery to remove them from wherever they are at in the body.

If you have plans to kill yourself gradually, this is a great way to diet and lose weight while also feeling miserable and malnourished from no vitamins. But if you want to do it the healthier way and lose your weight, there are sure much better and healthier ideas!