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White Rice – White Rice

Ok, well we all know that nutritionally, brown rice is far more superior to white. I can’t argue with that.

I also know that during the milling process brown rice merely has its outer husk removed, which means that most of the beneficial properties such as fiber, protein, B vitamins, thiamine, potassium, calcium and magnesium are held intact.

White rice is the product of the milling process that goes on to remove the germ and bran of the rice, which goes on to give us the fluffy white rice we love so much (albeit sorely lacking in the “good stuff”)

The FDA has added brown rice to its approved list of whole grains that may make health claims, telling us that brown rice used as part of a proper weight loss program will do wonders for your figure and will help cut down on other nasties such as heart disease, certain cancers, and type II diabetes.

So what are you sacrificing for taste?

What do you really gain?

In real terms, from a personal point of view, you can feed me white rice till the cows come home and I will eat it. I will lose weight on it because I can actually eat it on its own with perhaps a low calorie accompaniment such as a three bean salad or seasoned mushrooms, and feel satisfied that I have eaten something that is enjoyable, fairly good for my health, and helping me stay on my hated diet. Have you forgotten that the nice people in the production industry will put back as much of the stripped food additives as they can?

Give me brown rice (and yes I have tried it) and even though I know it is doing me a power of good, that my bowels will ever thank me for such a sensible choice, and that my blood sugar levels will be kept at a great level and that I am offering my body one of the most healthiest choices that I can, nothing will make me reach quicker for that microwave ready in one minute pizza.

Eating brown rice is extremely good for you if you wish to stick to a healthy diet – with the added benefit that in the long run it will help you maintain your weight at a sensible level, but hang on people, give me a chance, I have to get there first…

Brown rice takes AGES to cook, which is a bit annoying if you were just looking forward to a quick snack and I do actually know a couple of people who will be patient enough enjoy its nutty taste and rough, chewy texture, however, I find it extremely unappetizing on a personal level. This is not the kind of food that will help me stick to my diet. And that is what it is all about at the end of the day.

Sticking to your diet. Which in the long run, will bring the desired results.