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When to Diet

The best person to judge when you should diet is yourself. The only person that you should be dieting for is also yourself. One of the biggest causes of failure to stick to the diet is if you are doing it for someone else or a variety of vague reasons. Dieting to impress your partner or to look like a model in a magazine is not worth doing. It should only be for you because the person who will be most affected is yourself.

The word dieting is actually a word that causes a lot of frustration and ends up mostly in failure. Sensible, healthy eating is the best way to ‘diet’ because not only can you make this a permanent feature of your life, you will enjoy the health benefits of eating well too. You wouldn’t want to put bad fuel into your brand news sports car would you? Then why would you do so to your own body (you don’t get another body but you can get another car!) Diets end up failing because they are restrictive, make you hungry most of the time or teach you how to avoid some foods and eat too much of others.

Deciding when you should change your diet can depend on a number of factors. Have you gained weight recently or are you overweight to begin with? Do you feel tired or running out of energy? Are your energy levels beginning to affect your studies, your work, and your relationships with friends and family? The most important thing to begin with is an attitude to bring about a positive change in your body. Sticking to healthy eating will only happen if you are motivated enough and if your reasons are solid. If the reason is important enough to you, you will continue and if you are not motivated enough, you will just slip back to your old, unhealthy eating habits.

Timing is crucial too. The wrong time to start a new diet is when you already in incredibly stressful situations like the loss of a loved one, work stress or a major illness. This might not be the best time to concentrate on dieting. But if you want to eat healthy and have a better life, then the right time might just be right now.

On a balanced, healthy eating scheme, the key word is moderation. Eat everything in small portions. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy choices of protein and whole grains. Avoid junk foods and processed foods. Exercise for short periods of time, you can even do so in parts during the day rather than all at one go. Do something you enjoy. Get active. Find a partner. Play some sports. Join a team. There is so much that you can do, it all depends on what you want to do and remember, every bit matters.