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When Bipolar Treatment is not enough

Bipolar is is a dual mental illness. One side has manic episodes where the patient feels grandiose and bullet proof. The other side is major depression. Usually one or the other is going on.

There are medications on the market for bipolar and depression. There is a problem though. It is usually not talked about by the drug companies or psychiatrists. There have been studies done that indicate as much as 80% of bipolar and depression patients are not helped by a drug. Most studies I have read indicate from 50% to 70%. Either way the number is staggering. using the smallest number that means half the patients aren’t being helped by medication. The big question now is, can these patients do anything about there illness? A possible answer will unfold shortly.

In 1999 I was formally diagnosed bipolar. I have been bipolar we think possibly as young as three years old. Needless to say my life has been tumultuous to say the least. Up and down all my life. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I actually thought i was simply a bad person. I was actually happy about my diagnosis.

My psychiatrist said it was no problem there were drugs that would bring everything under control. It seemed that I got worse as each year passed. Finally I couldn’t get out of bed except for maybe three or four days a month. My psychiatrist suggested I apply for Social Security Disability. I applied and was accepted right away. That only happens to about 30% of applicants. Wow, if that wasn’t validation that I was sick. Finally I was so bad that my psychiatrist said he could no longer help me. I was beyond his level of expertise.

My new psychiatrist immediately started me on new drugs. To get right to the point it has now been eight years and nothing has helped me. I have spent thousands of dollars on nothing. I could have thrown the money out the window at least someone would have found it and benefited. I still continue going to my psychiatrist with the hopes that the drug companies will strike my pay dirt. I pray every day.