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What you should do when your Pharmacy Runs out of your Medication

That will put you in a tight spot when your pharmacy runs out of your medication. But no need to panic.

The pharmacist will order it for you, and will give you a time line on when you can expect to get the medication. If you need the prescription to be filled right away, then chain pharmacies (like Walgreens or CVS) will check with other stores nearby, to get the medication.In case of independent, stand alone pharmacy, the pharmacist may request other area pharmacies if they have the medication in stock.

If you want to take this opportunity and shop around (only when you don’t need the prescription filled right away), ask to get your prescription filled at a different pharmacy or you can ask your doctor if you can try on-line pharmacies.

While you are checking out different options, check your prescription coverage too, to make sure that they don’t have any restrictions or requirements that may limit your choices.

If you have trouble paying for your prescription, there are programs to help. You can check your county health offices to get more information regarding local and state programs. Partnership for Prescription Assistance also has programs to help.

How about alternative medicine options?

Before you consider this, please have a thorough chat with your doctor and pharmacist regarding your current prescription, medical conditions etc. Alternative medicine is still developing field and lot of treatments still have very little scientific backing. So please exercise caution.

On-line pharmacies

There are probably more than a million on-line pharmacies. Search for a medication and hundreds will pop-up, promising the best deal. But before you buy prescription medication on-line:

# Make sure that the pharmacy is licensed and registered. LegitScript allows you to search for legitimate on-line pharmacies.

# Check out the drug manufacturer, make sure it is a reputable company. Be extra cautious with imported drugs.

# Check the pharmacy prescriptions policy. If feel that they are too lax, skip and find a better pharmacy.

# And double check your medications upon receipt.

You can also ask the pharmacist about whether you can get a generic version of the medication, if your brand name drug is not available. Generic versions tend to cost less than brand name drugs, but substitution may not be possible in every case. Check with the pharmacist and your doctor to make sure that you can take a generic version.