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What to Eat at a Fast Food Place when Dieting

Dieting is tough enough when denying yourself foods that make your soul sing. Add insult to injury by having all those fast food places situated on every street corner and it ‘s enough to send your cravings into overload. You just want to run into that restaurant and order every piece of fattening food that will satisfy your growling stomach. You can march into those restaurants and partake of food that tastes delicious and satisfy your urgent desire for some less than stellar diet food.

It’s all in what you order and what you place on it. Just take the time and think about what you are ordering and how much of it you can eat. Here are ten fast food meals you can eat while on a diet:

1. Stay away from that Big Mac, and those extra large fries. They are a calorie -laden meal waiting to attack your hips. Instead order one of the kids meals. Yes, I am serious! By ordering a cheeseburger Happy Meal at Mc Donald’s you are saving a considerable amount of calories. Don’t order the Happy Meal with chicken Mc Nuggets though, because they are calorie laden little nightmares.

2. Order one of the salads for lunch or dinner and leave out the high calorie dressings. The dressings alone at Mc Donald’s are almost 200 calories. Add to that the nuts on a salad and with everything else and what you thought was a low calorie diet option is a fat-laden afternoon delight of food. Leave the dressing out completely, or only use about a quarter of the package.

3. Order the baked potato from Wendy’s and leave out the fattening additions. The sour cream, the cheese, and the bacon bits can really add up, so leave them off. Place salt, pepper and other spices on it, and you can have a very low-calorie, fat-free meal. Wendy’s also has a low calorie side salad with low calorie dressing.

4. Believe it or not, you can order yogurt at Mc Donald’s. A tasty fruit and yogurt parfait comes in at a very low 160 calories, and it tastes delicious. Have them throw in some mandarin oranges and you have a super tasty delightful low-calorie meal on your hands. Or is that in your stomach?

5. Instead of getting a cheeseburger with high fat content, order the low calorie chili from Wendy’s. It’s hot, it’s spicy and it fills you up.

6. Don’t order the foods that are fried, or crispy at fast food places such as the ever so yummy chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Substitute the chicken for healthier, lower calorie options such as the applesauce, coleslaw, or even a piece of roll without butter.

7. For breakfast try the scrambled eggs at Mickey Dee’s with an invigorating orange juice, instead of all the fried breakfast options. Order a 1 percent low fat milk and still get your calcium and vitamin D.

8. At Wendy’s instead of getting one of those high calorie burger meals, why not try a divine pasta salad? Even though you are on a diet, you still need some carbohydrates, Just take it easy on the portion size, and watch the sauces, because that’s where the calories really add up.

9. Get a pizza from a fast food place, just stay away from the restaurants where for five bucks you can eat different kinds of pizza. Eat the pizza with vegetables on it for the roughage to fill you up.

10. When did this happen? You can eat cheese and macaroni at Burger King that is low in fat. Order the cheese and macaroni with just 1 percent fat in the milk and you are doing yourself a favor at mealtime.

Healthier options are available at fast food places. Just stay away from the french fries, fried foods, and the sauces and creams, and you should be just fine ordering fast food. Once in a while, that is.