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What to do to Treat Depression Properly


One day you’re going along all fine then the next you can’t get out of bed! And that’s when you’re taking the tablets. So imagine what’s it must be like when you’re first getting the symptoms but don’t know what’s happening. You think the whole world is against you and you feel very angry about it, but even so you can’t help bursting into tears. You wonder what is going on, you may even get panic attacks for the first time in your life.
Every person is of course different and there are lots of different types of depression, so we can all take and handle it in different ways but basically it’s the same. You think it’s never going to end or get any better. But it does get better, if you’re one of the lucky ones it can even end.
So what do you do now? By now you’ve seen a doctor and been diagnosed. What’s next? Take the tablets, get counselling or suicide? It happens! Counselling can be great, it helps you to get your head round things and you slowly begin to feel that you are not alone.
Again every person is different and their situations are too. Some have families that are devastated by an illness which may of taken months to be diagnosed, that could of meant living in hell for many months. Others could be living alone and so have no one to talk to. Others could be mothers, fathers, sons, daughters the list goes on. In other words it could happen to anyone it could happen to you or anyone that you know. You may actually work with someone who is clinically depressed but you will never know as they appear normal, just like you.
Depression can be brought on by a number of things from over working to a death in the family. Some people can have it but never know as it may only last a matter of months you just feel down but manage to work through it. Some unfortunate people can be diagnosed and then have it all the rest of their natural lives.
It’s up to each individual to decide what to do, you are never forced to do anything or take anything that you don’t want to. If your doctor is a good one and believe me most of them are. He or she will give you all the options and talk things through with you until you make your choices. One of those choices along with the counselling is Prozac! It’s one of those words that can bring up a lot of feelings. For those whose take it and those who don’t. There are many different types of tablets that you can take and there are now many natural alternatives.
Depression can be one of the worst things to happen but it can bring out the best in people too. You can learn who your friends really are, you may even find out that one of them has it and takes the tablets. They can give you advice and tell you what they went through, they will also be great at listening because they know how it felt when this was happening to them. Also when you are through the worst you can use your experiences to help others. Like I hope that I am doing now.
There is hope and you can carry on to have a great life. Life is what you make, it the choice is yours.