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What to do if your Child gets a Headache

It can be very distressing thing when your child gets a headache. All they will want to you to do is to make the pain go away for them and can quite often work themselves up into such a state that they can make the pain and discomfort even worse.

The best thing that you can do for your child is to talk to them in a quiet and soothing tone. Try and find out what sort of a headache it is. For example, if they have been sitting in a hot or stuffy room you could suggest that they go outside for a few minutes for some fresh air. This can also apply at the end of a busy school day and your child is feeling hungry. Give them a healthy eating snack and send them back outside for some fresh air.

Sometimes children can get overly worried or anxious about certain situations. If they complain about a headache, try and find out if there is anything bothering them. Reassure and soothe them, tell them that if they don’t feel better in an hour then you will take them to see the doctor. Talking from personal experience I can safely say that in most cases the child will usually make a miraculous recovery within half an hour.

However, there are exceptions to the rule and it never hurts to do a quick check by running your hands around the face to check for pain around the cheeks, jaw and ears, as this could indicate a case of either sinusitis, a gum boil, toothache or earache.

What is his temperature? Measles or influenza is often preceded with a headache and fever. Perhaps he has had a knock to the head? If he complains about having a stomach ache as well, this could indicate a condition known as abdominal migraine. If he has a nauseous feeling or vomits, this could indicate a migraine headache.

Headaches are more distressing to the child rather than serious and can mostly be dealt with by giving the child a dose of painkiller, and a lie down in a dark room with a cold compress to the forehead.

As a rule of thumb, the time to call for medical assistance would be if the child hits 38C with a fever, vomiting, neck stiffness and a tendency to turn their face or close their eyes to light.

If your child has suffered a head injury then take him to the doctors if he complains of persistent headaches. This will enable further checks to be made on blood pressure the retina of the eye. If there is a serious underlying condition, then your medical practitioner will be able to find out what is wrong and give the appropriate treatment.