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What Nutrients are Found in Product 19 Cereal

Kellogg’s Product 19 cereal is on the top of the list as far as the healthier cereals are concerned. Per 1 cup serving size, it has just 100 calories, zero grams of fat and cholesterol, and 25 grams of carbohydrates. There is a trace of dietary fiber at just 1 gram. Protein in Product 19 cereal is 2 grams.

I have never seen a cereal with so many vitamins and nutrients as there is in Product 19. For starters, there is 15 percent of your daily vitamin A allowance at 750 IU per serving. Vitamin A is excellent for your eye health, helps to strengthen the immune system, and it also is a cancer fighting vitamin too.

You will get all of your needed vitamin C from Product 19 cereal at 102% since it totals 61.2 milligrams in a serving. Vitamin C along with vitamin A helps immunity, and collagen production in the bones helping bone density. In just one serving size of this cereal, you will have all of the vitamin C you need!

Product 19 has 39.3 IU of vitamin D in it, 10 percent, which is excellent for teeth and bone density. Vitamin D also helps your skin just as well as it does teeth and bones. There is a trace of calcium along with vitamin D in this cereal at 4.8 milligrams per serving, and phosphorus totals 39.9 milligrams, at 4 percent. Phosphorus helps the bones along with vitamin D and calcium. Another bone friendly vitamin in this cereal is magnesium which is 15.9 milligrams at 4 percent of your daily allowance. Magnesium not only helps to build up the bone density, but it is partly responsible for helping to control the blood pressure too.

If you are lacking in vitamin E, Product 19 will provide 67 percent of this vitamin at 13.5 milligrams. Vitamin E is an wonderful antioxidant since it helps in fighting off disease, and provides great nourishment for the skin and hair too.

You will get 100 percent of your thiamine in this cereal at 1.5 milligrams a serving. This is actually a water soluble vitamin B1. Thiamine helps your body energy, helps the nerve function, and is also part of muscles and nerves health.

Zinc contained in this cereal is 15.3 milligrams which is more than your daily needed allowance of 102%. Zinc is an essential mineral to the body which plays a very large role in the processing of 100 enzymes, and adds to your ability to both smell and taste.

The red blood cells need vitamin B5, which is pantothenic acid. In Product 19 cereal, you will get 101 percent of your daily needed allowance at 10.1 milligrams per serving. Vitamin B5 is essential to the health of red blood cells.

The iron in this cereal per serving is another excellent thing since it provides all of your daily iron at 18.1 milligrams which is 100 percent of what your body needs daily. If this cereal is part of your diet, you won’t need as many iron supplements.

Vitamin B3 in Product 19 is 20 milligrams, which is 100 percent of your daily needed allowance. This is the same as niacin, which serves a big purpose for many people in lowering your cholesterol.

Other than B3, you’ll get 103 percent of your daily needed allowance at 2.1 milligrams of B6 per serving. Your vitamin B6 plays a role in the digestion of proteins and fats, and also red blood cell formation.

Folate in this cereal is 400 micrograms, which is also 100 percent of the daily allowance needed. Folate is helpful in the processing of homocystine, an amino acid, and it also works to prevent anemia.

Last but not least, vitamin B12 is plentiful in this cereal at 6.0 micrograms in a serving which is 100 percent of your daily allowance needed. The vitamin B12 gives our bodies energy by re-charging our cells, and also helping our nervous system.

This cereal is an excellent and nutritious choice if you are trying to lose weight, or need more vitamins for your body. Why not include it as part of your healthier diet now?