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What non Profit Health Organizations do for the Community

America is over run with big businesses that focus primarily on the bottom line and not the individuals that they supposedly serve. One of the largest most profitable examples of this is the health care industry. Sadly in our modern civilized society, when one doesn’t have health insurance there is little opportunity for them to address their medical needs. However, with non profit health care organizations growing at a rapid pace the once forgotten uninsured American now has more opportunity then ever before. Non profit organizations give these individuals the ability to seek help in a medical crisis or just address their everyday medical needs.

Many people in America are unable to afford the entire cost of their own health care annually. Prescriptions, co-pays and premiums alone are enough to be financially devastating in a crisis, let alone if an individual is uninsured. Being an uninsured individual myself, I understand the stress and worry that one experiences when the need for medical attention arises. However, with a little research I have managed to find some assistance in my times of need. There are many organizations that aim to reach out to the uninsured and under privileged. These non profit organizations provide services at no financial gain to themselves and thus have no ulterior motive to protect.

The first organization that I utilized when I lost my health insurance was RxAssist.org. RxAssit.org is a organization that helps patients locate prescription assistance programs. The program helps individuals with little to no insurance coverage locate programs that provide their prescription medication at little to no cost to themselves. This is a wonderful organization that compiles resources into an easy to use database making it easier for physicians and patients to locate existing programs.

Many other non profit health care organizations are out there and available to offer assistance to those in need. Idealist.org is an excellent site that highlights many of these organizations and allows you to search for an organization that fits your needs. Idealist.org is also an excellent resource for individuals who desire to volunteer. They have an entire section on the site devoted to volunteer opportunities.

Although non profit health care organizations, have had an impact on the current state of health care and have been attempting to change the landscape of health care in this country for decades, it is a constant uphill battle for them. Between big business driving up the cost of medical care and the lack of consistent support from the government, staying afloat is dependent upon donations and volunteers. More exposure is definitely needed. Physicians and social workers, need to be more aware of what non profits are out there an available for their patients and clients in need. Unfortunately, there are not enough resources for these non profits to advertise the way managed health care programs do and that leaves many Americans unaware of the availability for help.

At the end of the day it is up to the patient and those around them to be proactive in there care and to seek out the resources that they may be eligible to receive. Non profit health care organizations exist are and available for almost any situation that medically can arise. At this point the awareness of theses programs is the reason they fail to have a larger impact on society as a whole.