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What is the Purpose for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

JDRF which is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is working to find a cure for juvenile diabetes, which is type 1. They focus on helping to achieve normal blood glucose levels, work to stop diabetes from developing, and teach people about the complications that go along with diabetes. This organization in most all 50 states has an annual walk-a-thon to find a cure for diabetes. To people who raise at least 100 dollars or better, they get a JDRF t-shirt with the current year on it. Each dollar given goes toward finding a way to put a stop to this cruel disease, and mainly for those that are youngsters.

One of the things that JDRF is currently workon for diabetes is looking at an artificial pancreas. This artiifical pancreas is supposed to work inside the body just as though you would have a pancreas of your own that produces insulin properly. This artificial pancreas would be an insulin pump along with a continuous glucose monitor attached to it.

The jdrf.org website is full of information to anyone that has a child struggling with type 1 diabetes. This organization was brought forth by some parents that had kids with diabetes back in the year of 1970. So when you go on a JDRF walk, you’ll see many volunteers of whom have a personal background with diabetes. The walk has several booths set up throughout the site where the walk is taking place. Many diabetes sponsors are there such as those that manufacture glucose meters, of which Accu-Chek is one sponsor, Freestyle, and they offer coupons for free meters and much literature. So just for that reason, to learn more, the walk is worth going to.

JDRF has publications such as their quarterly magazine, Countdown. This publication is full of news about diabetes, new tools available, and information about families living lives with their child and diabetes. If you go to their site jdrf.org, you’ll be able to get the magazine provided you make a donation.

On the JDRF website is also a bookstore that has books for kids that are struggling with having diabetes. Three of the books offered are, “Even Little Kids Get Diabetes,” “Sugar was My Best Food,” and “Matthew Takes His Shot.”

E-newsletters are provided on the jdrf.org site which you can subscribe to. There are several different newsletters providing plenty of support, and there are a number of stories on the blogger round table discussion where you’ll meet others telling their own diabetes stories.

I highly recommend this entire website, AND getting their literature if you have a youngster or youngsters that are dealing and struggling with diabetes every day. It is a great organization, and another way to find support and reach out. I know my niece and her family are thankful for it. She wears a pump and goes to the JDRF walk every year.