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What is the Proper Mind Set for Losing Weight Mind Set and Weight Loss

Mind set is the most important thing in accomplishing anything you want to do. Without “mind-set” it just won’t happen it’s not possible. But with mind-set anything can be accomplished. Mind set is simple: just set your mind to do something and you can do it. It’s just that simple!

Set your mind to it. Think I am going to lose weight. I am going to get healthier everyday. I am feeling and looking better everyday. Say to yourself everyday first thing in the morning, “I feel great. I am happy with myself. I am losing weight as I think it.” Add anything else to this sentence that will make you feel better about yourself. Write it down or type it out and make copies, place them all around the house in the bathroom on the refrigerator, and in your office by your calendar so when you check the date you will also see it and read it.

If you start your day off in a good mood and tell yourself you feel good, whether you do or you don’t, eventually you will start to feel better and better everyday. On the other hand if you wake up every morning saying, “Oh I feel like #%@&” then you will feel that way all day and every day after that you wake up in that foul mood.

You must program your mind to the right station. The feel good station. Do not tune into the feel bad station ever again. When you’re in the feel good station mode life will be easier, you will feel happier; you will want to do more things. Getting up to the feel good station and staying on that station all day every day will make you healthier just by you thinking it. Think it, say it, and make it so!

Now once you are in this mode your whole life will be better. Stay away from negative people. Don’t talk to or listen to them. They will only bring you down and switch your station. Negative people can and will make you physically ill. If you hang around those kind of people your own life starts to look duller lifeless. They suck the color and happiness right out of your life like they did their own.

Keeping the proper mind-set for losing weight will keep you on track to a healthy slimmer you.