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What is the Nutritional value of Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts is one of the most nutritious breakfast cereals around. Per one-half cup serving, it is 208 calories, 7 grams of protein, and 1 gram of fat. If you have trouble with iron deficiency anemia, Grape Nuts cereal will provide you with your total daily need of iron at 123%. Iron contained in this cereal is a rich 22.1 milligrams!

Both calcium and magnesium are also found in Grape Nuts cereal. Calcium is contained at 22.6 milligrams, and magnesium at 59.7 milligrams a serving. Calcium is supportive to bone density and magnesium is not only helpful to bone strength, but it also stabilizes blood pressure and supports nerve functions too. Phosphorus in this cereal is 175 milligrams each which is also another bone supporter. Phosphorus also helps calcium to be more effective.

If you need a good source of fiber, Grape Nuts is it. For just a one-half cup serving, you’ll get 5 grams of fiber. Fiber is essential to body functions for regularity, and helping to lower your cholesterol as well.

Grape Nuts is also rich in folate, which is responsible for the processing of homocystine, an amino acid. Folate also supports cellular health and it therefore works to prevent anemia. The folate found in Grape Nuts cereal is 283 micrograms.

Potassium is part of a one-half cup serving of Grape Nuts. You will receive 196 milligrams of this central nutrient in the body from eating this cereal. Potassium provides energy to muscles, keeps the heartbeat regulated, and plays a large role in fluid balances. You need this nutrient to live.

A micronutrient known as selenium, is essential to helping the disease fighting antioxidants to work in the body. It is a micronutrient which also fights against inflammation in the body like arthritis pains. From Grape Nuts cereal, you’ll receive 5.3 micrograms of this nutrient.

There 8.5 milligrams of niacin in Grape Nuts, which is excellent! Niacin is a supplement that helps people to lower their cholesterol and avoid heart disease. You can get niacin naturally instead of by pills through eating cereals and other grains such as this cereal that has it.

Let’s also not forget that Grape Nuts is quite an excellent source of vitamin A. You receive 1026 IU of vitamin A in a serving size. Vitamin A is immune system building, as well as preventing potential cancer cells from multiplying in the body.

Vitamin D, also bone supportive and good for dental health as well is contained within Grape Nuts at a total of 40 IU.

Zinc is another nutrient at 3.2 milligrams, which is excellent, and found in your half-cup serving of Grape Nuts. Zinc is a mineral that puts into action, many of our body enzymes, and also is supportive of nerve health, helps hair, and skin health.

So these are the main nutrients found in Grape Nuts cereal which help keep you healthy. Why not make it part of your breakfast cereals now?