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What is Reflexology

The art of Reflexology as a healing tool dates back to Egyptian time, a physician named Arkmahor created reflexology as a healing art. He was considered a great pioneer of alternative medicine. His tomb stone showed his influential rating as being second to the king.

Reflexology in its easiest form was used with what we call acupuncture today. The feet were massage to stimulate the body’s organs, blood, tissue, cells and even the muscles. Once the feet were massaged acupuncture needles were inserted into the area of the foot where a known problem existed in the body.

The feet have pressure points or meridians and each meridian is connected to a specific part of the body for example the brain and sinuses meridian points are located on the backside of the foot on the upper portion of each toe.

It’s important to note that the hands are also used for reflexology treatments now not just the feet. The brain and sinus meridian points on the hand are located in the upper part of the finger tips.

The purpose of reflexology is a non invasive method of healing. It is believed that by massaging the feet or specific areas of the foot that are connected to a body part will relief congestion of stored toxins in the area and allow for the energy to flow freely again. The end result is alleviation of the pain in the area.

Reflexology can be used for anything, however if an individual is sick they should wait to have a treatment because of the “healing crisis” which will make you feel tired, and some what sick you may experience nausea, vomiting, aches and pains for a few days after a treatment. This is normal and it your body removing the toxins that caused the disturbance in your energy.

As a Natural Health Care Consultant, I have done some treatments what I experience giving the treatment is hard “bumps” in the area of the feet or hands that are associated to the problem area in the body. By massaging the bumps out of the foot (which can be hard to do and take a little while) you can actually feel the “bump” breaking up and getting smaller and eventually once this “bump” is gone it will flow in the bloodstream (creating a healing crisis) and the toxins will make there way out of your body through your eliminations system.

You can even do Reflexology on yourself to cure a headache, backache or numerous other aliments you can purchase socks and gloves that have the specific areas of each meridian marked on them so all you have to do is read the instruction booklet and rub the areas that are connected to the part of the body causing you pain or illness.

I don’t care for testimonies however reflexology does work and can be a great benefit to someone who suffers from anxiety, migraines, arthritis and numerous other aliments.

For diseases and major body work on the organs it’s best to seek the help of a trained Reflexologist or visit you doctor is you unsure of what the problem could be. While Reflexology is regarded as a safe healing alternative it’s always best to seek the help of a licensed reflexologist before you start rubbing your own “bumps” away!