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What is Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is extremely serious and sometimes even leads into death. If you guzzle alcoholic beverages really quickly and drink in large amounts, your heartbeat will speed up, and you will have trouble breathing.

You should be aware of all signs of alcoholic poisoning. These are symptoms such as, (1) feeling very confused, (2) having seizure activity, (3) respirations are weak and slow, (4) breathing is also not regular where it should be, (5) the body temperature becomes lower and lower, and also, (6) you can lose consciousness.

If you notice that someone is having alcohol poisoning, call 9111 quickly as it may save their life, especially if conscious. But whether they are conscious or not, they may stand a chance of survival.

What people don’t realize when they drink alcohol to excess is that it is really absorbed quickly in the system. If you have nothing at all in your stomach but just the alcoholic beverage, this is even more true. Alcoholic beverages have an effect on the nervous system a great deal more than maybe you even realize, and therefore, the excessive intake can shut your nervous system down that control breathing and your heart rhythms. Other things that happen is that the blood sugar may drop so terribly low, that you will experience seizure activity.

You are at a higher risk of alcohol poisoning if you are not used to drinking in higher amounts, and doing so can cause a bad reaction. You are also at risk if you are diabetic, and consume way too much alcohol, especially while taking pills, insulins, or both. This is one sure way to reach a diabetic coma. Your height has something to do with it as well. A smaller person is going to absorb alcoholic beverages much more quickly than someone who is taller and thinner.

People that take their medications with alcoholic beverages are asking for trouble. If you have already had a lot of drinks, and then take a pill or two with an alcoholic beverage, it could be a fatal result.

When a person is receiving emergency treatment for alcohol poisoning, there is airway support given to avoid choking, and intravenous fluids are also commonly given to help hydration levels in the body. A person will be closely watched and have vitals taken often to monitor their progress.

To prevent this unfortunate problem from happening again, watch how much you drink carefully. Keeping your stomach settled with some food in it does help when you drink in moderation. Most people that have had alcohol poisoning would not want to repeat it again, and take strict measures to make sure it never does.