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What is a Realistic Rate of Weight Loss

Losing weight at a realistic rate is the most effective and guaranteed way to lose weight permanently. With millions of people trying to lose weight with fad diets or the latest celebrity diets, there seems to be a continued misconception about what is required for permanent weight loss. Everyone wants quick and lasting results. But nothing lasting ever came quickly.

By combining diet and exercise it’s possible to lose weight at a reasonable pace without any troubles or bouncing back, especially when you continue with exercise after you have lost weight. The combination provides the body with enough calories to function but also gives a calorie deficit that ensures you are losing weight without sacrificing vitamins and minerals. Eating six small meals a day and fitting in 30-45 minutes of physical activity six days a week you will be able to lose weight at a realistic rate.

A realistic rate of weight loss comes down to common sense. If it’s taken you a few years to stack on twenty or thirty kilograms it’s going to be impossible to lose it in three or six months and keep it off permanently. For the best results you need to spread the weight loss over a longer period of time especially when you have more than 20kg to lose. Some people will claim that losing 1kg a week is good rate, but if you have a large amount of weight to lose you want to do it slower so that your skin has time to firm up. If you lose the weight too quickly your body will become saggy due to excess skin. Aim for 0.5kg a week or 2kg a month. If you have 20kg to lose you should give yourself about 9-10 months to lose it.

Every person has a different metabolism and body which will react different to diet and exercise. Some people will be able to lose weight much quicker than others and this is normal. We are all individuals and can’t expect the same results as our friends or colleagues. By giving yourself a realistic rate of 0.5kg a week, you are setting yourself up for success. It’s much easier to lose that than aiming for a kilogram and a half. At this rate you will see the difference in the scale every week which will motivate you to keep going to reach your final goal. Losing weight at a faster rate won’t necessarily bring you permanent weight loss success.