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What is a Concussion

A concussion is a type of head injury which can be only mild or major. A concussion, depending on the impact of the blow to your head, can cause symptoms such as memory loss, and your ability to walk steadily. It can also impair your judgment and reflexes too. This injury to the head doesn’t always knock a person unconscious, but rather just makes them feel out of it for a few days. So the person with this brain injury, needs to take it very easy for a few days until they recover from the blow.

Concussions to the head can happen with playing sports where a blow to the head can be received, or things like a car accident.

Typically when a person has a concussiun injury, the will have symptoms such as, (1) headaches that are severe sometimes, (2) loss of memory temporarily, (3) feeling disoriented, (4) nausea and vomiting, (5) tinnitis which is a ringing in the ears, (6) tiredness, and (7) trouble speaking since the speech patterns slur a lot.

If symptoms of a concussion injury happen a few days after the injury, the person affected is likely to have trouble thinking, focusing, and remembering things. It is also common to have trouble sleeping and the person feels irritable or agitated. These same symptoms can also occur in children.

It is time to see your doctor with any of those symptoms I mentioned above.

The complication received from having had a concussion, especially of any severity can be postconcussion syndrome where the concussion symptoms will last for weeks or months on end. People that have experienced this neurological impairment as a result may have other cognitive problems later on.

The doctor will know you have had a concussion just by symptoms alone, but sometimes will perform a CT scan to see about the severity of your injury to the head. You would need a CT scan especially if:

You have had hydrocephalus which is fluid on the brain

You fell from a great height that is at least four feet or more

You have other brain disorders such as epilepsy

These are cases where a doctor would want to see the extent of your injuries.

The best way of treating a concussion is to rest as much as possible and refrain from all activities. It takes the brain some time to recuperate and heal before feeling better again.