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What does Thimerosal Free Flu Vaccine mean

A thimerosal free flu vaccine, is exactly what it sounds like, a flu vaccine that does not contain the preservative thimerosal. But what is thimerosal, and why is the fact that a vaccine does not contain thimerosal so important to people? Well that is really a question that can only be answered by one’s own scientific beliefs.

About eighty years ago, thimerosal was discovered and patented by a chemist, and then used by the Eli Lily drug company as a preservative in their vaccines. Thimerosal was so valuable, as it was much more effective in eliminating bacterias from vaccines than the preservatives drug companies used at the time. Another added value, was that most preservatives at the time also lowered the potency of the vaccines themselves, it was determined that thimerosal did not do this. Due to a combination of these, and other factors, thimerosal became a commonly used part of modern medicine and vaccines.

However in the 1970’s, thimerosal started to come under fire from a variety of scientists and communities. Many people raised concerns about thimerosal. One such concern was that thimerosal, alone as a single chemical agent, is a highly toxic and deadly compound. Because of this, many people believed that the thimerosal was potentially toxic to the body, even when used in conjunction with vaccines it was delivered in. Despite the FDA declaring that thimerosal was not a harmful chemical, some people continue to belief otherwise.

Another concern raised about thimerosal, is that studies have shown that anywhere from one to five percent of the population is allergic to it. This could cause problems as, depending on how high the potential for someone to have an allergic reaction, thimerosal has the potential to cause long lasting damage or even death. Due to the severity of allergic reactions to such a toxic compound, many people also hold belief that thimerosal is dangerous, due to potential allergies to it.

A much more recent concern raised about thimerosal, is that some scientists have reportedly found a correlation between autism and thimerosal vaccines. Though the general scientific community does not accept this hypothesis, many people believe that a link exists between the two. Between recent skyrocketing autism rates, and frequent use thimerosal throughout the world, some of these concerns are based in fact, and should be considered as potentially real.

In conclusion, a thimerosal free flu vaccine does not contain the thimerosal chemical at all. Therefore, none of the potentially damaging risks outlined can be caused by such a vaccine. Whether it actually matters whether one’s vaccine does or does not contain thimerosal, can really only be concluded based upon what scientists and studies one trusts. Although the mainstream community rejects many of these arguments against thimerosal, some of the arguments against it are undoubtedly based in truths, and could be very real.