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What does Acidic Residue do to me

Coal fired electrity plants are a major source of acid rain, which has killed many thousand square miles of forests and wilderness. The acid residue, washed out of the air by rain, erodes rocks and affects the life processes of plants and animals in destructive ways. As an example, petroglyphs, marks on rock cliffs left by prehistoric peoples are disappearing faster than they can be saved.
Death and weakening of plants trees, and animals is the result of acid rain. Breathing problems and other illnesses are the result of exposure to these toxins in people. Acidic food and drink act in ways similar to acid rain residue internally for plants and animals.

Complex, specifically constructed molecules that perform crucial functions are broken and not reproduced or repaired effectively. The next generation of cells doesn’t work as well because of the disorder and ineffectiveness of the current generation from acidic pollution. During the life time of a plant or animal each cell and part of the cell must be recreated many times.

Acidic residue interferes with cell energy production, perfomrance, and inter-celluar communication. An enviroment without acidic materials allows cells to live longer. Acidic by-products are left in and build up in your body through:

*Diet – most acid compound come through this route*Water – dissolved elements may make this an acid contributor*Air – pollution and acid to you while you breathe*Exercise – makes the body work faster and harder, removing acidic residue*Transformation and Elimination – the way to remove acidic compounds from the body Adding more acidic compounds than is removed results in accumulation.

Most foods eaten in the United States are acidic. Acid forming foods are the order of the day according to the Alkaline/Acidic Food Chart included in Back to the House of Health by Shelly Radford.

The numbers in the typcial food listing below represent pH value with negative meaning acidic and positive meaning alkaline.

*Breakfast: Eggs (to -22), Bacon (-38), Toast (-10), Milk (-1) Coffee (-25). *Lunch: BLT sandwich -Bacon (-38), Lettuce (+2), Tomato (+13), Bread (-10) with French Fries: Potatoes (+2), Vegetable Oil (-6) and Cola (-30).*Dinner: Roast Beef (-34) Dinner Rolls (-6) Salad (+6) Beer (-26)

Because most of the foods consumed are acidic, they tend to leave acidic residue in the body as they are used for energy or basic building blocks. The task of our body is two fold in dealing with the results of the ‘combustion’ of foods in the body – Limit the acidity input and remove the inevitable acidic residue.

How can this be important?

An acidic enviroment inhibits cell growth, work, and division. To deal with acidic residue, the body will create fat to act as sponges until it can be removed. Stored in fat, the only route for removeal of acidic residue is through the liver and kidneys.

The additonal fat can leave the body when the acidic residue is romved as well. My personal results confirm this. 30 pounds were gone from me in about 45 days simply by changing my diet and drinking water at the rate of 1 fluid ounce for each 2 pounds of weight. With no hunger pains, I lost this weight by eating about 25% acidic foods and the rest alkaline.

My doctor reported that my blood chemistry was adjusted to normal limits. A prescrption to control blood fats was avoided as my lab results became normal. I was able to cut my diabetes medication in half. These resutls have continued as I have stayed on this diet. My doctor agreed that what I was doing is working, saying “Whatever it is that you are doing, don’t stop.”

I can’t sit on this – I’m compelled to spread the word.

There are literally tens of millions of people in the United States alone that have similar medical issues as me. All can benefit from this course of action. Maybe you will benefit as well. Are you ready to do what works for me? Think of being praised by your doctor. More knowledge waits for you at the links on my author’s page.