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What causes Alzheimers Disease causes of Alzheimers Disease Dementia

With increasing cases of Alzheimer’s disease numbering in the millions, more than 500,000 of them Americans, one just has to wonder what may be causing the upward spiral of cases. The fact is that there are numerous reasons, from genetic to the chemicals in our air, food and water. Too many to list in any one article, but I will list several along with references to other information, here.

Several years back, it was determined that the APOE-4 gene was heavily linked to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and many more diseases. About 40% of victims who develop Alzheimer’s carry the APOE-4 Gene. The APOE-4 (Apolipoprotene) is responsible for the increase of beta-amyloidal plaque production. When these plaques build up in the brain, your chance for getting Alzheimer’s disease or some other related disease is greatly increased. People with two copies of this gene have a 91% Chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

Another gene, CALHM1, a more common gene, may also increase the chance, although it does not have the major role in developing Alzheimer’s as the APOE-4, but it may indeed add to the onset of the disease by at least 45%. CALHM1 interrupts the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is critical for nerve function. Variants of this gene can also affect the levels beta-amyloid.

Also, PCDH11X, a gene linked to the nervous system and cell adhesion, can increase the chances of Alzheimer’s in women by 26% while men with one copy have only an 18% risk. Women with 2 of these genes have a 75% increased risk.

Chemicals called, Mutagens, are able to mutate through chromosome damage. They disrupt our genetic codes and are responsible for over 14000, genetic disorders. No wonder genetic play such a large part in whether one develops Alzheimer’s disease or not. Our highly toxic society allows, indeed, is responsible for much of it.

According to researchers, those with Atrial Fibrillation stand a 44% chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Atrial Fibrillation causes blood to collect and stay put for a time which increases the chance of a blood clot. Clots that leave the heart can also lodge in your brain, causing a stroke or mini-stroke which kills your brain cells.

Hardening of the arteries, a sluggish thyroid, high LDL or bad cholesterol levels, as well as, other forms of cardiovascular disease increase the risk. Bad diet, genetic factors, food additives can aid in the buildup of bad cholesterol and an increase in heart related diseases. If you have a family history of heart disease and don’t want to risk getting Alzheimer’s, you may want to seriously look at and modify your diet and exercise routine.

One of the most frightening causes of Alzheimer’s and other related diseases may in fact be in the medications that we are prescribed and the vaccinations we are given. Vaccines are inflammatory by nature, especially the large numbers that are given to children at a young age while nerves are still developing response patterns, may be a main factor for the increase of the disease. Fewer years of education, less brain exercise, (the brain is a muscle), and the apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 allete have shown to be significantly associated with the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Other medications responsible are anti-psychotics and anti-depressants, (Who among us doesn’t know of someone on one of these?) They also increase risk of heart disease, which can increase your chances of getting Alzheimer’s and related disease. Check out this website: http://psychrights.org/Research/Digest/NLPs/neuroleptics.htm.

Also: http://psychrights.org/Research/Digest/NLPs/AmCollPhysicians6-5-07neurolepticskillelderly.pdf.

Many drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s in nursing homes can actually worsen symptoms and the illness, itself. Check out: http://www.bmj.com/content/vol330/issue7488/press_release.dtl.

“Zyprexa” is one of the more damaging drugs used for Alzheimer’s treatment, my own father was on it for awhile: “Risperdal” is another. I was sickened when I came across an article on: http://www.zyprexasideeffectslawyer.com/news/zyprexa_alzheimer.html.

Recently, “Lilly” settled a lawsuit for 1.42 billion dollars over “Zyprexa” for their illegal marketing of the drug as a ”Dementia treatment”. They have to pay another 615 million for the criminal probe after their violation of FDA’s rules. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2009/01/15/lilly-settles-zyprexa-lawsuit-for-142-biooion/

These medications can also create a host of side effects and symptoms that are often mistaken for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, so it’s very hard to tell if your problems are a result of the disease or connected with the medication.

Given the fact that many pharmaceutical companies either don’t disclose negative and fatal side effects, that they often don’t even test many of the newer drugs at all, as many a lawsuit has revealed; I am not surprised that they are one of the causes that allow people to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

People who experience NPH, Norman Pressure Hydrocephalus are easily mis-diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s and related diseases like Dementia. If you are mis-diagnosed and given medication for Alzheimer’s types of disease, it will increase your risk of Alzheimer’s, so a proper diagnosis is extremely important. I cannot stress this enough.

Other factors are our diet, stress levels, worrying constantly, intake of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs, both prescribed and OTC can also increase our chances of Alzheimer’s and other diseases. But recent research also finds that 1 cup of caffeinated coffee a day, can help to ward off the disease. For more information, see my article: http://www.helium.com/items/1370551-caffeine-and-the-link-with-alzheimers-disease.

People who drink a lot of alcohol are actually destroying their own brain’s cells. Bad diet, too much or too little of the proper foods or too much dieting can also increase your chances.

Starvation of the brain is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and others. When you crash diet, fast too much or too long or don’t get enough of your vitamins and minerals in foods you increase your risk. Your body, especially your heart muscle, eats up the nutrients before they even reach your brain. A good diet with proper nutrient balance and regular meals is essential to ward of a number of diseases, especially Alzheimer’s.

This leads me to another frightening cause of this disease, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which is in nearly everything that we buy at the grocery now, diet drinks, non-diet drinks, canned and boxed or dried foods, box mixes, candy, cereal, chewing gum, breath fresheners, etc. It can increase your Alzheimer’s chances by 10%.

According to H.J. Roberts, M.D., in articles, “Defense Against Alzheimer’s Disease” and “Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic”, http://www.sunsentpress.com, Aspartame quickly absorbs the heavy metal poisons from any metal or ceramic container and carries these toxins, such as aluminum, right into the human body. Aluminum is not absorbed by our digestive system unless it is chelated. Aspartame has actually eaten its way through aluminum cans! No wonder there is so much Alzheimer’s, especially as so many soft drinks and diet drinks are consumed.

Speaking of Aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease, were you aware of the huge amounts of aluminum that you are breathing in every time a jet or airliner flies over you? In an article titled, “Does Flying Harm the Planet”, by Bryan Walsh in “Time Magazine”, 8-20-2007, 3-5% of the greenhouse gas emissions add to global warming. These are increasing by 10-15% annually.

Whenever a jet flies, it leaves behind both contrails and chemtrails. They are dumped into our air and we are all breathing them. While the contrails may linger in the air up to 20 minutes, the chemtrails linger in our atmosphere for up to 4 hours! They contain large amounts of aluminum, among other heavy metals and toxins. That’s 4 whole hours! We are breathing in aluminum particles without even knowing it. Further, we are drinking the water where these also land, bathing and showering and caning our food with that same water. When we shower or bathe, we are letting these toxins in our water, soaps, gels, and hair colors seep through our pores. This adds to the toxins in our bloodstreams. No wonder that cases of Alzheimer’s is rapidly increasing worldwide!

Given that there are so many simple causes of this disease, among others, it does not surprise me that nearly family has at least one victim of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Our military and government are adding more and more to this problem with projects like the “Stealth” and “Haarp” You can read more here: http://www.shotgunnews.com/knox/knox.dog you will be shocked.

Additives in our foods, such as Nitrates, Nitrogen Fertilizers, Pesticides, etc., are part of the cause. There are more than 300 Nitrosamines added in our foods and their processing. Ninety percent of these have been discovered to be carcinogenic, e.g., highly toxic poisons. Sodium Nitrate, which converts into Nitrous Acid, has been banned in both Norway and Germany because of it’s toxic influence. http://sl.farmonline.com.au/news/nationalrural/agribusiness-and-general/general/nitrates-from-food-additives-fertilisers-linked-to-alzheimers/1619823.aspx.

The very toxins in our food that make it so tasty and colorful are killing us! A superb article on this can be found at: http://www.freedomyou.com/nutrition_book/enriched_fortified_synthetic_food.htm.

Recently, research has found that there is a link between mercury in many dental fillings and Alzheimer’s Disease, you can read my article at: http://www.helium.com/items/1770138-the-link-between-mercury-and-alzheimers.

Pesticides given to hogs, chickens, cattle and other livestock are every bit as toxic to us as they are to the insects and pests that they kill. What goes in the animal, goes into us! Various preservatives in our meat and other foods can explain a whole host of diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, included. It’s all designed to make our food look and taste more appealing and to make it last longer on the shelves.

The same Hormones given to cattle and chickens are prohibited by law for athletes to use because they cause various disorders and diseases. Yet, when we eat the meat; we are getting these artificial hormones.

With more and more money being poured into programs for curing diseases, the answer may very well, lie in our man-made, toxic environment. Our society is so toxic; we bathe and scrub our faces with polymers. Any manufactured skin scrub contains micro-polymers, e.g., small beads of plastic that are washed down our drains and end up in our land, oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Remember, it takes the better part of a millennium for plastic to completely decompose…or so the experts estimate. We eat toxins, drink toxins, clean our clothes in toxins, breathe toxins, bathe in toxins, pump toxins into our bodies in the form of commercialized food, drink, OTC and prescription medications. It’s no wonder that Alzheimer’s disease is rising in numbers so rapidly.

Formaldehyde is in our food, drink, cosmetics, clothing and when we get our clothing commercially dry-cleaned, it is returned to us in Formaldehyde-treated plastic that is letting off fumes.

Anti-freeze is an ingredient in much of our store-bought foods.

Unfortunately, we have gotten our society so spoiled on junk foods, immunizations, air travel and by the TV, cell phones, computers, handhelds, video games and X-Boxes that we may now be totally helpless to stop Alzheimer’s. It’s up to each one of us to take responsibility and put a stop to chemicals in our food, water and air.

There are many natural ways to ward off such disease and I invite you to read my other articles, as well as, doing your own research into Holism, Herbalism and proper foods and nutrients. Getting the right intake of nutrients can make the difference between a long happy life and a miserable, period of years before you die in a nursing home. It’s worth the time and effort to do your own research, rather than to believe what people, even doctors, tells you. Question everything and find your own answers. It’s your life and your health, your birthright to make your own decisions.