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What can i do about my Tooth Pain

There are many reasons for tooth pain, and it’s up to the sufferer to find out what is causing it! Some people are blessed with teeth that are strong and hardly ever get any cavities, my wife is one of those people. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people, and I ‘ve suffered with sensitive teeth for as long as I can remember.

Even though brushing and flossing can alleviate some of the agony that goes with getting cavities and worse, such as having to get a root canal, it’s not the complete answer. What can be done for occasional tooth pain? Well, there are many salves on the market, such as Ora-gel. This ointment is designed to be put right on the tooth and gums, and it has Benzocain to relieve some of the pain. Usually these ointments have 20% Benzocain, so make sure the ointment you buy has that amount, otherwise you could be wasting your money with anything less. After all, the goal is to get rid of the pain, isn’t it?

Sometimes the pain can be severe, and if that is the case get yourself to your dentist first and foremost! If the pain is caused by a cavity, then you just might have to suck it up and face the drill. But it could be more serious, such as the beginnings of a root canal. In fact, as I write this I’m facing just such an issue. A few months ago as I was in for my regular teeth cleaning, my dentist told me that one of my bi-cuspids might need a root canal. Naturally, since I wasn’t really feeling much pain at all, I let it go. Well, the time has come where the pain is ever-present, and now I have to go to an Oral Surgeon and have the tooth extracted! What a drag!

Of course, if the tooth is worth saving, you could have a root canal on it, but be prepared to pay over a grand for the procedure. If you have dental insurance, hopefully that will take care of most of the cost, but frankly dental insurance doesn’t cover as much as it should, and I’ve had dental procedures done that have wiped out my dental insurance allowance for the whole year! Sure, they want to charge you for the insurance but they are very stingy with the pay-outs!

Tooth pain might be caused by having something too hot or too cold, which might be caused by a crack in the tooth or an old filling that has seen better days. Again, only your dentist will really know for sure, so the first order of business is to make an appointment. Tooth pain could be caused by other factors, such as receding gums, and for that you might need to see a specialist, such as a periodontist who specializes in gum disease.

I’ve only barely scratched the surface as to what causes tooth pain. For an in-depth assessment as to what is causing your pain, you need to start with your dentist. He or she might be able to catch the problem right then and there. Otherwise, they should refer you to a specialist.