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What are your Rules in Life

Life would be pretty chaotic without rules. Some rules are ordained by outside forces, and other rules are assigned by our own conscience and moral code.

By nature I am a rule-keeper, and over the years, through trial and error, I have gathered together my own list of rules to live by. These are the self-appointed guidelines that keep me grounded and help me to maintain a modicum of balance in my life.

* Don’t intentionally hurt another

This rule is self-explanatory. It is the most important of all my life rules. If I have hurt others during my life journey, I can attest to the fact that my errant behavior has never been intentional. (One should never say never, but this is the one situation where the word never, accurately applies.)

* Care

Apathy is dismal. Whatever I do, I try to really care and put my heart into it; whether I am performing a mundane task or connecting with another individual on any level. I have the bad habit of using the flippant phrase, “Whatever,” but deep inside of me there is no such thing as whatever; I deeply care, even when I don’t choose to show it.

* Get over it

Mistakes are made. I do my best to accept that I am fallible. Only if I make the same mistake twice, will I berate myself. More often than not, mistakes are learning tools and the lessons to be embraced.

* Expect nothing

If something is not in my control to bring about, then I have no right to have expectations concerning it. I can only control what I can achieve alone. If I depend on others to bring about an accomplishment, I must defer to their efficiency and time frame. I cannot criticize, control or cajole or command “my way.”

* Bloom where you are planted

The grass may be greener elsewhere, but it is someone else’s grass. Having faith that I am right where I’m supposed to be, and making the very best of my life situation, is crucial to my happiness quotient. I may not be able to change my situation, but I can change how I think about it. A positive attitude is inherent in this rule.

* Life is like a bank account

I cannot withdraw more than I deposit. Investing (myself) reaps rewards. Giving as much, or more, than I have received will result in a healthy (life) balance and avoidance of emotional bankruptcy, or depletion of positive assets.

* Time flies

Time flies when we are having fun. I have learned that the opposite is also true. Time flies even when we are not having fun. Cherishing the moments and seizing the days is the best way to spend fleeting time.

* There are no rainbows without rain.

Into each life some rain must fall. If I can make it through the rain and keep my perspective, a rainbow will soon appear.

* Don’t take myself too seriously

If I can laugh at myself, I am less likely to behave in such a pompous or self-righteous way as to provoke laughter from others. Laughter trumps all other methods of boosting and renewing spirits. Laughter can ease grief, mitigate stress and save the day in many situations

* Happiness is within reach

I only have to reach down into my heart and soul to find happiness. Outside forces cannot make me happy. My happiness comes from inside of me. My mantra is the quote by Abe Lincoln, People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

These are just some of the life rules filed away in my mind and retrieved for implementation when desired. My list of rules expands daily as I enjoy new experiences and adventures.

Each of us makes our own rules to live by and that is what makes us unique and different from one another. There is no one set of rules for a satisfying and fulfilled life.