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What are the Effects of Drug Addiction

In today’s society so many teens from age 12 and up, and adults, are hooked on addictive drugs.

We live in a society where we are surrounded daily by media messages suggesting that personal fulfillment and success are best measured in materialistic terms. With all these recurrent messages encouraging what is often an unrealistic problem-free world, it is no wonder that the attraction of various substances to dull, block, or otherwise avoid the challenges and complications of everyday life has now grown to epidemic proportions.

Problems related to one’s self-concept are often at the root of much
substance abuse. Regardless of possessions, achievements, or attractiveness, a person may feel rather inferior and unlovable. This low self image is another favorite target of modern advertising, which finds that prodding people’s insecurities is generally good for business.

The pace of life in today’s world often leaves little time, if any, for constructive solitude, intimate and serious conversations between people and close relationships with one another, or other types of warm and supportive
interactions. Whether as children or as adults, people long denied such basic
human needs begin to experience a wide range of emotional problems, which frequently lead to other problems they face in their everyday lives.

Most often people who suffer from a lack of self worth end up falling into the sub culture of substance abusers. The main reason for this trend is the fact that this free living lifestyle is composed of laid back, easy going, people who provide an outlet for others suffering from depression and other social issues. The effects of these drugs are numerous and range from just a slight dulling of the senses to death.

It also doesn’t help that obtaining these drugs is rather simple. In just about every high school across America there is someone either selling drugs or looking to buy them. The use of drugs in teenage children is almost as great as the use of alcohol or tobacco. Many people though aren’t fully aware of the dangers and permanency of the effects of common drugs.

The school systems and government should be doing me to make the national population more aware of these side-effects. If the media would spend half as much time encouraging a drug free life style as they do covering the latest sports events or celebrity gossip, you can be certain a fewer percentage of our nation’s population will be drug free.

Knowledge is power, and it is the governments job to educate the general population. The government isn’t doing its job here.