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What are the causes of Yellow Skin

One of the top causes of yellow skin is jaundice. When a person is jaundiced, this means that there is something going on within the bile ducts of the liver which can be hepatitis, most commonly. Viral hepatitis, early on, doesn’t cause jaundice necessarily, but in the later stages it would. Early on, it causes a headache with slight fever, vomiting, no appetite, and diarrhea. As time moves on along with yellowing skin, there is a lot of abdominal pain, dark urine, and pale feces.

Cirrhosis of the liver can definitely cause you to have skin that is turning yellow. It also causes things such as hemorrhoids, indigestion problems, nausea with vomiting, spider-like vessels on the skin, and a lot of body swelling. It is also not uncommon for the abdomen to be very distended since there is a fluid accumulation in the body.

Sickle cell anemia can cause jaundiced appearing skin too. This is a disease where the blood cells are a very abnormal half moon shape, and they have trouble getting through the blood vessels as a result of that. It is also symptomatic of a lot of bone pains, tiredness, and fever, rapid heart rate, and ulcers. Children that have sickle cell anemia have trouble growing and a late puberty pattern.

If you are having a bile duct obstruction in the body, this would definitely cause yellow skin along with many other problems. People that are having a bile duct obstruction usually run a fever, have an upset stomach and no appetite. It is also not uncommon to notice very darkened urine. This is usually treated through surgery, or using an instrument such as endoscopy to undo the blockage.

Liver cancer can cause yellow skin. Just to go off on a little story here, my cousin had liver cancer, and I recall her skin turning a very yellow color along with her eyes becoming yellow as well. Her other symptoms which were typical involved no appetite, a lot of pain since she had a very large tumor, and she couldn’t keep food down. From the time of diagnosis, she had 7 months to live just barely. They tried chemotherapy, but in her case since she had a number of other medical conditions, couldn’t do much with it. There are cases where a transplant of the liver may work.

If you have Seborrheic Keratosis, (a skin condition,) that can cause yellow skin. Other symptoms that go along with this condition are skin lesions, scaling skin, and skin plaques. These lesions that are developed are not cancerous.

If you have any of these symptoms mentioned, it is probably time to talk to your doctor about them for an evaluation.