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What are the best Diets

For people who are morbidly obese it is usually not so much a case of finding the right diet to help them lose weight, but rather finding the willpower and motivation to stick to a healthier lifestyle, particularly since they have so much weight to lose. However, for some people food is an addiction and there are those individuals who decide that weight-loss surgery is their only option. Yet, if they do not deal with their emotional attachment to food first, it is hard to see how they are going to control their weight effectively in the long run.

The fact that increasing numbers of people are being categorised as morbidly obese rather than as just overweight or obese demonstrates how easily a person’s weight can spiral out of control. Often individuals with weight problems have underlying issues which lead them to seek comfort in food, and simply ends up making the situation they find themselves in even worse. It can be extremely difficult for anybody who is overweight to take the first step and recognise that they have a problem so they can begin to address it; it is even more challenging for someone who is morbidly obese and whose problem is more serious than for someone who is just a couple of pounds overweight.

The only diets which help people to lose weight are those which are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the human body, whilst simultaneously reducing the number of calories consumed. Those which seek to get people to eliminate whole food groups from their diet are unlikely to help them succeed in their weight-loss aims, since they are likely to become preoccupied with all the foods they are not allowed. This will inevitably culminate in failure as they end up gorging on carbohydrate-rich food, or food that is high in fat, giving into their urge to eat. Obese individuals tend to have a negative perception of themselves to begin with, and their inability to stick to a rigid eating plan can simply confirm in their mind how useless they are and that they will never be able to stabilise their weight.

The situation can be worse for those who are morbidly obese and whose mobility is severely curtailed by their weight. If they are barely able to leave the house they may withdraw into themselves, choosing not to socialise, and turning to food instead. As well as using food to fill a void in their lives, since they have little else to do, their inability to move around very much means they won’t be burning off any extra energy.

Morbidly obese individuals therefore have to approach weight loss in the same way as anyone else. They have to lose the weight gradually if they are to succeed in the long run. Because they are carrying more weight than the average person they are able to consume more calories and still lose weight since it requires more energy to maintain their body weight. They should therefore reduce their calories over time and incorporate more activity into their lives, even if it doesn’t seem much to the outside world. All the hard work will eventually pay off, but morbidly obese individuals really need to address what led them to become so heavy in the first place, so that they can find the motivation to want to continue and avoid ending up in the same situation again.