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What are Good Eating Habits to have

Good eating habits start at home where you can control the portion size and what goes into your mouth. This article will give you several tips you can use to improve your daily eating habits.

Eat Breakfast

Every morning you should take the time to eat breakfast and have more than a cup of coffee. Get up early if so you have time to eat your meal, or take something you can eat on the go like apiece of fruit or a breakfast bar. Don’t rely on high sugar foods like doughnuts or cereal you need to put good food like whole grains and fruit into your system. A typical meal would include a piece of fruit, whole grain cereal and whole grain toast. When you eat a good breakfast you provide yourself with the energy you need to get through to the afternoon. You will be less likely to snack on junk foods at work if they are offered to you.

Drink Water

Leave your giant coffee mug at home and take a water bottle with you. Most people don’t drink enough water and the water they get is usually in the form of coffee, soda or some other unhealthy beverage. You can enjoy some coffee but don’t make it your main daily drink. You should drink water throughout your day to keep hydrated. Drinking water can also aid in your digestion and can aid in your bowel function.

Fruits and Vegetables

Another good eating habit is to increase your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. These items provide high levels of vitamins and minerals and help to protect your body against disease. Fresh is better but you can also eat them frozen or canned. Be sure to wash off any canned items as they tend to have syrups or added salt. If you are not used to eating vegetables it may take sometime to get used to them. When they are properly prepared they can be delicious.

Less Meat

Many people rely too much on meat as a staple in their diet. You should cut back on meat products and have smaller portions. Meat should not be fried which adds too much unwanted fat and calories. Look for leaner cuts of meat with less fat and decrease red meat consumption. Try a turkey, chicken or salmon burger instead of beef. Increase your consumption of fish which contains heart healthy Omega-3 fats.

Processed Food

You should focus the bulk of your eating around while fresh foods and less on packaged foods. While packaged food may seem like a good way to save time you are getting less nutrition and often too many calories, salt and sugar. Some packaged food like pasta is fine for consumption. Be sure to read the labels on all packaged food. You want to choose products that have the least amount of ingredients listed.

Cook At Home

Take the time to cook at home and if you do not know, how you should learn. Being busy is not an excuse so take the time to learn for the improved health of your family. When you cook at home you have full control over the ingredients that you put into your meals. There are thousands of books that can show you how to cook healthy meals, don’t be afraid to look and try them.


Healthy eating habits start at home and in your kitchen. Try to eat more fruits and vegetable, drink more water and consume less meat products. Learn to cook for your family if you don’t know how and eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.