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Weight loss can be hard to achieve and and even harder to maintain. In a society of ever increasing waistlines, weight loss has become an all too common topic, making hard to distinguish truth from scam. Most people though, need only embrace these remembering these nine things to achieve long lasting weight loss.

One habit, one week

Change does not come easy. Whether it’s a new job, a new home or a new habit, it takes time to adjust. A general rule of thumb is that it takes one week to make a habit permanent. So, add one habit each week.

Water: The essence of life

We are 70% water, some of which we lose daily. Our bodies need water. They crave water. So give your body what it craves. A person generally needs 10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Don’t like plain old water? You can now buy a myriad of differentiate types of portable, pre-measured packets to flavor water. Buyer beware: read the nutrition facts before you buy. Some of these little packets pack massive amounts of calories!

Fiber: The great internal cleanser

With all the hype these days about colon cleansing, many waste sixty to a hundred dollars on products that promise to clean your pipes. Your own body will do the process for free if you provide it the right material: fiber. Fiber can be found in foods you are already eating: fruits, vegetables, whole grains. You should get at least 25g of fiber a day.

Fruits and Veggies: Superfoods

Fruits and vegetables have long been touted for their healthy vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. But they also provide water, so essential to life. Five servings a day is the minimum you should be aiming for. What’s a serving size? One medium apple. Half a cup of berries. Half a cup of cooked or raw veggies. One cup of leafy greens. Smaller than most people think. Always wasting fresh fruits and veggies because you don’t eat them in time? Frozen is just as healthy. Just thaw what you need!

Tea: Now in great new colors

Tea, whatever it’s color, has immense health benefits! There are many different varieties for many different tastes. For a healthy boost, add some lemon to aid with digestion.

Chew and chew and chew: Just like your mother told you

Chewing your food more thoroughly will not only prevent you from choking, it will help you feel fuller on less food. Try it for yourself: when you eat, put down your fork between bites and count 25 chews for each bite.

Downsizing: Not just for corporations

In this economy, it makes more sense than ever to downsize your portions. An easy way to effect this at home is to eat off the smaller plates in your dinner set. At restaurants, immediately cut everything in half and put one half in a to-go-box.

Step it up!

Cutting calories is not enough if you live a sedentary life. You need to get out there and move. Whether its boogieing down to your favorite tunes, or taking the stairs at work, you need movement in your everyday life. Add something new or different each week or each month, if only to spice up your life. It’s good for you!

These tips will help you lose weight and keep it off. Just remember, like all good things, weight loss takes time. It took you years to put it one, it won’t come off overnight!