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Weight Watchers Breakfast

Breakfast is so important, as it gets your body fueled up for the day. Breakfast can be tough for people following the Weight Watchers program. People are hesitant to spend Points on breakfast, particularly when larger meals may be planned for lunch or dinner. Here are a few tips to help you eat a good breakfast and manage their Points effectively.

Don’t Skip It

You may be tempted to have just a cup of coffee and hold off eating until lunch. Breakfast gets your body moving in the morning, and helps to kick start your metabolism. By skipping breakfast, your body goes into conservation mode, holding on to the resources it has, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Eat Filling Foods

Filling foods, particularly whole grains, will help you to feel full and keep you feeling satisfied longer. Look for cereals that contain fiber, eat whole grain breads, or cook up a bowl of a favorite breakfast comfort food: oatmeal. Many bread manufacturers have baked up fortified products with lots of fiber, resulting in several satisfying options for 1 or 2 Points per serving.

Check off Your Tracker Boxes

When deciding what to have for breakfast, try to include one fruit and one milk serving. This will help you check off those boxes on your Tracker, and provide a great boost for your morning. Take one cup of your favorite 2 Point cereal, add one cup of skim milk (2 Points) and one cup of fresh fruit (1 Point), and you have a healthy and filling start to your day for only five points!

Try Some Replacements

Hankering for bacon and eggs? Scramble up some egg substitute and fry up some turkey bacon. These foods taste just as good as the originals and have significantly fewer fat grams and calories.

Keep Your Meals Balanced

If you really want to have a big breakfast one morning, compensate by having a lighter lunch or dinner that day. Weight Watchers is all about balancing your food intake, and making good choices. Don’t be afraid to use your extra points each week to cover unexpected breakfasts on the run.

Succumb to Peer Pressure

Find out what your Weight Watcher peers are eating for breakfast. Have a discussion at your meeting about breakfast foods that keep people satisfied and those that don’t. This is a great way to find some new ideas to try out.