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Weight Loss High Caloric Foods Hidden Calories


Hidden calories can lie silent and ready to strike when you are least expecting them to. They are your enemy when dieting, so beware. You may think you are doing well on your dieting, but in reality, you are sabotaging your own meal! Some of the common blunders you may make are such simple items as salad dressings, margerine, fruit juices, breads and other yeasty items, just to name a few! Here is a run-down on some of the high caloric items I’ve found a problem:

Raisins are very healthy for you but VERY high in calories! One cup of raisins contains a whopping 440 calories!

Nuts are another problem food. They are healthy for you, but beware! They are very high in calories! They are high in fats and more than a small handful can add up to a BIG problem!

Bananas: These fruity treats are high in potassium but can be a very big problem when stepping on the scales! I remember when my brother went into the service, he ate bananas to gain weight, because he was underweight! They WILL put on the pounds, so beware! While healthy and good for you, limit yourself to to 1 banana a day!

Fruit Juice: Beware of fruit juice! Many fruit juice has sugar in it, so you have to read the labels. If it is 100% pure juice, it is better for you than sugar water, but you still have to be careful. Juice reacts in your body differently than fruit from a tree does. Your body metabolizes it differently. If you are eating apples and oranges, you really can skip the juice completely!

Pasta: Watch out for this yummy concoction! A moment on the lips, forever on the hips! Too much of a good thing is always bad! One serving of pasta is a half cup. That isn’t a lot, so don’t think you can eat six plates full! Pasta can get you into trouble every time! Try to get whole wheat pasta also. It is far better for you than the traditional white pasta. It doesn’t turn to sugar as fast in your body. Honestly, you can’t taste the difference after it is cooked!

Yogurt: I really hate to put yogurt in this article because I myself swear by it on my diet. I’ve lost 65 pounds and I eat it every day. However, there are different kinds of yogurt out there, and you can also go overboard on anything you eat. There are some yogurts out there now that have the fruit on the bottom. You want to try to stay clear of them. You also want to stay clear of the ones that are full flavor, full fat. Get the fat free yogurts. They are the lowest caloric and the healthiest. Surprisingly, they have the best flavor also! For some reason, the fat free brings out the flavor in the yogurt! Don’t eat a dozen of them a day also, limit yourself to one or two servings a day.

Salad dressings and mayonnaise: If you have to use these, stick to the fat free styles! The high fat salad dressings will add on the pounds every time! Mayonnaise is another high fat product. It is loaded with egg yolks, which is very bad for you, and very high in cholesterol. Stay clear of it, at all costs! It will wreck your diet!

Watch yourself when you go to dinner buffets. These are death traps for dieters! They are just loaded with high caloric foods, sauces, dressings and more! If you opt to eat at the salad bar, beware of all the sides, they can also be deadly. If you load up on ham, cheese, and other fatty items, they can add the calories also! You can wreck your diet in one sitting at a buffet.

The best foods to eat are low calorie ones. Healthy foods such as chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. Whatever you eat, the number one key to success is to ALWAYS eat in moderation. THAT is the key to weight loss!