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Weight Loss for new Moms

God must have an interesting sense of humor. After going through 9 months of fun and games being pregnant (morning sickness, food cravings, waddling, frequent bathroom breaks, etc) a woman ends up weighing more than she did before getting pregnant. Somehow you’d think God would do something about that so right after having a baby, your figure looked similar to Jane Seymour. Hah! Dream on.

Okay so you gained a few pounds…okay, make that quite a few pounds. How do you lose weight? One needs to keep in mind the two basic rules of dieting, eat less and move around more. Come to think of it, if you look at any book on dieting or weight loss program, that seems to be all they do. If you’re persistant, you’re bound to lose weight and give Jane Seymour a run for her money.

Let’s look at eating less. For nursing mothers, you need to monitor your diet and make sure you have a balanced diet (lots of fruits, vegetables and dairy products) to ensure your baby is getting fed properly. For non-nursing mothers, you should still follow the same diet. Stay away from red meats and concentrate on poultry and fish. Lobster and crabs aren’t fish but should be eaten in small quantities. Eat small portions like a cup or two but munch frequently. Keep low calorie snacks like rice cakes and fruits around for the munchies. Another suggestion is to drink a glass of water before eating to partially fill your stomach and keep you from eating too much.

How about moving around more? Walking is an excellent way to get out of the house and give the baby something to look at. A mile or two once a day, is a good start. If someone is available to watch the baby, running or using an exercise bike at home will also allow you to burn off extra calories. Losing weight is figuring out how to reduce your caloric intake while increasing your caloric burn rate. So the more strenuous the activity, the more calories you burn. Before starting any activity, you may want to check with your obstetrician or gynecologist first to get their opinion.

Persistence is the key to successfully losing weight. Joining a group of dieters like Weight Watchers is very helpful or just having a friendly competition with another person, can help you to keep focussed on fitting into that Size 2 dress. Even taking your measurements daily and putting on a chart where you can see, is helpful.

Don’t give up, eat less, move around more and hope that one day men can truly share in the “miracle of birth”.