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Weight Lose is a Lifestyle

Low carb, Low sodium, Low fat, Atkins friendly, South Beach diet; do anyone of these sound familiar? I know that I’m not the only one that happens to catch the infomercials about the latest product that could help you lose fat and build muscle.It’s not to lose weight but the approach taking towards it might be more of a dilemma then the actual training and diet itself

I took the approach to weight lose like anyone else would, believing in the scams that you can lose 50 pounds in 8 weeks just by taking a “magical pill” or 8 minute abs (thinking of , If it was possible to get abs by working out 8 minutes a day wouldn’t everyone’s have abs). At first it sounds appealing, think about it I can lose the weight and not have to go to the gym as much exert as much energy as the next guy and still have the same results. I don’t know about you but that sounds like motivation to me. Well eventually I was on my way I went to GNC and purchase the magical pills(not considering the 69.99 price tag that it had on it) I believe that I was investing into my future of better health. At first it was great I started to believe in the hype that this could possibly be the answer to my problem. Eventually as the weeks went by I started to see results and problems that I was having while on the pill. I was irritable and very tired, barley able to concentrate on my studies I decided that I didn’t want to jeopardize my health more then what it was so I stop.

After I tried the easy way I decided that the only logical way would be to critique my habits and do research on the topic. I first started by just indulging myself with knowledge, checking every website giving me a foundation to work with as I build my exercise program. I know that the big machines and the sophisticate equipment sounds appealing at first but what I learn is that the simplest approach to a problem is the best solution. I used a bench and some free weight and got to work. Remembering to maintain a steady cardio routine with my resistance training I started to see results but I was still having the issues that I had from previous experiences. I didn’t want to give up my fried foods or my chips but I thought ultimately if I wanted this then I was going to have to make the sacrifice and I did. I would go on to accomplish my initial goal of 45 pounds and actually excel beyond that to react a 63 pounds and 8 pounds of muscle in 14 months. Know its a lifestyle change and weight lose is a lifestyle just not a assignment, treat it like your life depends on because ultimately it does.