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Ways to Reduce Calorie Consumption during Christmas

Christmas is one of those holidays where there is a nice amount of your favorite foods and you know that you can’t have them all. After all, you are probably going to be surrounded with fattening foods that can easily add a few extra inches to your waist. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help reduce your calorie consumption this Christmas, and they are easy to employ.

Portion sizing

Although this method is often debated, portion sizing is a great way to reduce calorie consumption. However, this can be a difficult method if you are used to “eating whatever you want” during the holidays. Fortunately, if you start early enough, you will be able to portion size correctly during the holidays when you need to do it most. Generally, you will be able to eat what you want with this method. However, you will reduce the usual amount that you eat in half.

Substitute ingredients

If you are able to make tiny changes to your recipes, do so. Sometimes, these changes can be for the better. For example, instead of making regular cookies and cakes, try to make gluten-free cookies and cakes. Now that there is a strong interest in these types of foods, you can easily find gluten-free recipes online. Whenever you can substitute a healthier ingredient for a not-so-healthy one, do so.

Reduce amount of food

The easiest way to reduce your calorie consumption this Christmas is to reduce the amount of food that is available to you. Instead of making a never-ending feast that will feed countless amounts of people, you may want to create a family-style menu that makes just enough for each person to have one and a half serving. (The half is for “just in case” situations.)

Eat healthy as often as possible

Whenever you are hungry but the feast isn’t ready, have a fruit or vegetable in hand. This means that whenever you want a snack and you are about to reach for a cookie, you will instead reach for an apple or for carrot sticks. Making these easy substitutions will help save you calories. However, remember that just because you have saved these calories does not mean that you are entitled to making up for them when you eat Christmas dinner.

As you can see, keeping the excess weight off during Christmas is easier said than done. But, the longer your body is used to these methods of eating, the better prepared you will be for the temptations that the Christmas season offers.