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Ways to Prevent Excessive Belching

Belching is a normal bodily function that helps release air from the stomach. When we take air into our stomach, the air builds it causes pressure which leads to the release of the air by belching. Air gets into our stomachs via several ways – swallowing, eating, and drinking, to name a few. However, some people belch (or burp) more often than others. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent excessive belching.

Some people swallow more often. Saliva has minuscule air bubbles that add to the pressure inside the stomach. A person can intake as much as five ounces of air each time they swallow. Certain situations can cause a person to swallow more like when they are nervous or anxious. To curb the amount of air swallowed, a person must learn to be aware of their swallowing habits and limit the amount of times they are swallowing.

Foods and Drinks
Some foods and drinks are contributors to excessive belching. One of the biggest culprits is carbonated beverages. Foods that have a lot of air content like soufflés and whipped cream can also add to the problem. Beer, chewing gum, and even ice cream can cause more belching than normal. If you are in a situation where you want to forego belching, these types of foods and beverages should be avoided.

Eating Habits
Eating smaller meals and smaller bites of food can help eliminate excessive burping. Each time a person takes a bite of food, air is also swallowed. By having smaller portions, a person will intake less air at one time which helps prevent excessive gassiness in the stomach. Bigger bites can also cause a person to take in excessive air. Bites should be small so that a person doesn’t have to struggle with their mouth open to chew their food.

When all else fails, over-the-counter medicines that contain simethicone can help relieve the gassy and bloated feeling from excessive air. Simethicone only breaks up larger bubbles into smaller bubbles so it will minimize belching however; these products will not fully eliminate the need to belch.

Doctor Care
In most cases, belching is just a part of daily life with nothing to worry about. However, there are some medical reasons for excessive belching. Although rare, belching can be a sign of a digestive disorder like gallbladder disease or an obstruction of the bowels. People that suffer from excessive belching and experience other serious symptoms should seek professional medical care.