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Ways to Make yourself Exercise

Eat healthy and exercise everyday are the two common pieces of advice we get to maintain or improve our level of health and wellness. But there are other ways that can improve your overall emotional and physical wellbeing that moves beyond the diet and exercise paradigm.

How much time do you spend laughing everyday? Laughter is extremely important for good health. Instead of being serious all the time it’s time to crack a smile and have a good laugh. The more you laugh and smile the healthier you are going to be. A smile on your face makes you more approachable whether you are at work, on the street or at a party. Being able to laugh with others and even at yourself makes you a more attractive – and healthy – person.

How often do you head out with your friends? Making time for socializing with your friends is vital if you want to maintain and improve your wellness. People are social creatures who need family and friends around them. There’s no need to be a social butterfly but heading out for a coffee or meal with a friend or a group of friends can do wonders for your wellbeing; you’ll improve your self esteem, stress less and come home a lot more relaxed than if you were spending the afternoon on the couch.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Family, work and friendships take precedence over your own needs. Once in a while you should make time for yourself to do something that is important for you. It might be as simple as shutting the bathroom door and having a leisurely bath; it might be going to the gym or health spa for a few hours; taking a short weekend break; spending an afternoon in a café reading a book; or going to see a film of your choice. It’s healthy to be a little bit selfish from time to time.

How much do you stress? Learning to control and eliminate your stress levels is a surefire way to improve your wellness. Stress is the most detrimental issue for your health as it’s responsible for the development of many serious medical conditions like cancer, heart disease or mental illness. Get rid off stress by getting some exercise each day, finding at least fifteen minutes each day to relax, and ensuring you don’t over-commit yourself whether it’s at home or at work.

Keeping well goes beyond food and physical activity. Laughter, relaxation and social activities play a significant role in your level of wellness. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle can help you improve your wellness.