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Ways to Make your Workout less Boring

A work-out routine can get boring once you have been following it for some time. Whether you follow a work-out on cable television or you use DVD’s to help you keep your body fit and toned, you can use the following tips below to help make your work-out more exciting.


Music can be a great addition to your workout. Not only will it keep you motivated, but having fresh music on everyday will make your workout exciting. To make sure that you do not have to stop your workout in order to change the song or CD, play a mixed CD that contains only songs that you like. Or, use an MP3 player that is connected to stand-alone speakers (since wearing headphones can be hard to do when you are running at 4 miles per hour).

Some music is better for workouts than others. For example, you do not want to listen to boring and slow music that will probably help put you to sleep rather than help your adrenaline get going. Instead, use moderately fast-paced music with a good beat and rhythm to get you into the working out mood.


A change of routine can be good for you, both mentally and physically. If you do the same workout week after week, your body will get used to the intensity and you will not see the results that you once did. You may see your body maintaining its shape, but you certainly won’t see any marked improvement. To make sure that your body does not go into “stationary mode,” employ a different workout routine every week. Use the weekends to do some research about workouts that fit your skill level. If you choose a workout that is too difficult or too intense for your body, you may sprain or break something.

Work with others

If you are exercising with someone else, you can help each other stay motivated. So, grab a friend and go jogging together. Or, buy a set of exercise balls and follow a workout DVD together. Either way, you are trying to accomplish something with each other. You can also help each other do the workouts correctly, so that you can see results faster and easier.

Music, change of routine, and working out with others are only a few ways that you can make your workout more fun, exciting, and less of the same ol’ that you have been doing for the past two years.