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Ways to Lose Weight without going on a Diet

Most people think to lose weight you have to go on a diet, which clearly is not the case. Although you have to consume fewer calories than you expend, you don’t have to go on any specific kind of diet to do this. When you’re used to eating rubbish instead of a wholesome diet and eating too much food even when you’re not hungry you might think you have to completely overhaul your eating habits. However, this kind of approach often doesn’t yield the kind of results you’re after. Yes, you might lose quite a bit of weight at first, but it probably won’t be long before you regain it all.

It would therefore appear that dieting is not the most effective solution for a weight problem, as it doesn’t address the habits that caused you to gain weight in the first place. You only lose weight because suddenly depriving your body of vital calories is somewhat of a shock to the system so that the weight just falls off you. This weight generally comes from the loss of water and muscle mass rather than fat, though, and when you start eating normally again your body stores any extra calories you feed it as fat. Consequently, you could end up heavier than when you began your diet.

Instead of thinking about weight loss in terms of how fast you can lose it by embracing eating habits that are completely unfamiliar to you, you need to think about changes you can make to your present eating habits that will reduce your calorie intake, but which you can also realistically follow. If you get into the practice off counting calories while you’re actually losing weight, you shouldn’t struggle as much to keep the weight off once you reach your weight-loss goal. You’ll already have the habits which are necessary for weight maintenance once you make a few adjustments.

You have to get used to eating less junk food and more fruit and vegetables, eating fewer snacks and serving smaller portion sizes at mealtimes. As well as addressing your eating habits, though, you also need to take into consideration your activity levels. The more active you are the greater the number of calories you can consume without putting on weight. This is particularly worth bearing in mind when you’re trying to maintain your weight after successfully reaching your goal. This kind of approach to weight loss is certainly more effective than merely going on a diet.