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Ways to Enhance your inner Beauty

No matter what you look like on the outside, you can still be rich in inner beauty. There are ways that you can enhance this beauty.

Smile and be happy

There is something very beautiful about a happy person. It does not matter what you look like physically, if you are just radiating joy, then a lot of people will be drawn to you. They may feel that you are beautiful because of the positive feelings that you portray. If you are not happy, then take steps to change that. Try to think of all of the positive things in your life instead of the bad. Make a list. Do special things that you enjoy such as spending time with your kids.

You should also try to take steps to relax if you are stressed. Meditation can help many people feel calmer and you may feel more beautiful on the outside for it. You can buy audio CDs that have guided imagery, read books on meditation or even take a class. You can also try other stress relaxation techniques such as reading a leisure book or listening to calm music. Take a hot bath. Try not to overwork yourself.

Try to raise your self-esteem

You may have more beauty on the inside if you feel better about yourself. Many people suffer from low self-esteem, and it can affect all aspects of you. Feel like you are a beautiful person in all ways and you will exude that to others. When you look in the mirror you should see a beautiful person, no matter what.

Take care of yourself physically

You may not feel very good on the inside if you are not taking care of yourself on the outside. Make sure that you get enough sleep. Eat healthy meals. Get help for any medical issues.

Do good for others

You may feel much more beautiful on the inside if you practice altruism. Be kind to other people. It is amazing how much the gift of a little praise can do for someone else. Do others favors (without letting people take advantage of course). Volunteer or do charity work. Donate to an important cause. The more you do, the better you may feel about yourself. Others may recognize this as well.

Inner beauty is considered by many to be far more important than outer beauty. Try the above methods to enhance this within yourself.