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Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight during the Holidays

There are a number of ways to avoid gaining excess weight while on holiday: the most important is to avoid overeating, which seems a very obvious piece of advice, but is not always so easy to follow. You may begin with the best of intentions, but fall foul of some of the traps that often lead to eating too much during the holidays.
For example:
The buffet
When there is a vast array of food on offer, already paid for as part of your holiday package price, it is easy to fall into the following traps:
#1 “Why not, I’ve paid for it, I might as well eat it! Shame to let it go to waste …”
and so you tuck in with enthusiasm, only to find later it’s gone to WAIST yours!
How can you avoid falling into this trap?
~ Be a discerning customer: don’t abandon your brain just because you’re on holiday! Choose foods such as salads, and fresh fruit and vegetables, over sauce-laden and fatty foods.
~ Remember this easy rule when filling your plate: one piece of protein (meat or fish) no bigger than the palm of your hand, one portion of carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta etc) the same size, and as much salad or vegetables as you like!
~ If you want to go back for “seconds”, stick to the salad and vegetables.
#2 “I wouldn’t eat that at home, but hey, I’m on holiday …”
~ Are you a different person on holiday? Does your body have different needs? If you wouldn’t eat it at home, think about why, and leave it out of your holiday diet too.
#3 “Oh wow, look at all those desserts …”
~ You may not normally prepare desserts at home they can be SO hard to resist when they’re prepared for you, and laid out so temptingly. If you want to try them, go ahead, but make sure you take a small portion. Just ONE – small – portion.
~ If your holiday destination is in a warm climate, there will probably be lots of delicious fresh fruit available, so tuck in and enjoy!
The bar
#1 “Holidays are a time to relax, right?”
~ What better way to end a day than to sit back in the bar and sample all those exotic and exciting cocktails? The problem is, alcohol itself is full of “empty” calories, which will turn straight to fat in your body. By all means try the cocktails, but stick to just one each evening. Then go for a walk along the beach, and enjoy the stars.
#2 “Nibbles!”
~ Just why do bars have bowls of peanuts, crisps, pretzels etc lined up to tempt you? Because they’re salty: salt makes you thirsty, so you drink more. And these snacks are full of fat too, so avoid them if you can.
#3 “It’s been a hot day I’m thirsty!”
~ Have a BIG drink of plain water before you go anywhere near the bar. Your waistline, your wallet, and your head will all thank you for it.
Eat well, enjoy your holiday, and look forward to coming home and telling your friends that you didn’t gain weight while you were away. They’ll be SO jealous!