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Water Flush Diet Weight Loss and Detoxification Program

The water flush diet is one that is used by athletes and individuals that are attempting to quickly burn off calories and cleanse the system at the same time. Since it is a somewhat difficult diet routine to follow it is one that many people are unable to complete, however those that are able to do it are able to lose a considerable amount of weight in a relatively short period of time. It is also meant to have other healthy benefits as its primary function is as a full body detoxification and cleansing program.

What is the water flush diet?

The water flush diet is one where water, natural, and lean foods are used to cut out the chemicals that exist in the body while reducing caloric intake. By drinking large quantities of water evenly throughout the day the body is less likely to feel hungry and vital organs are able to pump out all of the chemicals that have been trapped for a long period of time. It is also meant to cleanse the skin leaving it with a healthy overall appearance as well.

One of the intentions of the diet is to alleviate pain as well. It is believed that by removing toxins that are trapped inside the body it is able to better function and heal allowing pain to slowly disappear over time. It is unknown whether or not pain can truly be reduced in this manner but the obvious impact of healthy eating and added water on the body should be able to make an obvious difference on most anyone, especially those that are used to eating less than healthy.

Using the water flush diet

The water flush diet is essentially a 10 day program. In the program the goal is to completely eliminate sugars, salts, and other non natural foods from the diet. For many people the diet is absolutely brutal as it involves the consumption of foods that are relatively simple without the ability to use many flavorings that would normally enhance a bland food. Since the goal is to keep the body as clean and natural as possible until all toxins can be removed it is important that the diet be followed closely for it to be effective.

The diet starts each day by consuming 2 glasses of water. This is meant to hold off any hunger and fill up the stomach. This is especially important in the beginning of the diet as the body is going to feel hungry much more frequently than it normally would. With every single meal this process is going to be repeated. The idea is that the body should be consuming enough water to keep the urine clear. This will help flush out any unwanted chemcials and cleanse the skin in the process. Be careful not to consume this water without enough food. Drinking too much water can actually be deadly. Be intelligent about water consumption.

After the water is consumed it should be followed by the consumption of an all natural bran cereal or other high fiber cereal. A rule of thumb is that the cereal should contain no fruits or nuts. The diet is about fiber loading as much as possible and liquid loading. Doing both should help cleanse out all types of waste properly. This bran will help jump start the digestive system for the day and should be consumed daily. Since milk is not allowed as part of the diet the cereal should either be consumed as a hand snack or with water. Either way is perfectly acceptable.

Throughout the day only vegetables, bran, and nuts should be consumed. Beans are also a great addition to the diet. These items have to be prepared naturally with only water and no other flavoring. Seasonings that do not contain salt can be used. For dinner a little more variety can be added with the consumption of fresh caught salmon or chicken. The portion sizes should be small and should only be flavored with seasonings that do not contain salt. Again, this is about cleansing the system and salt will make this process more difficult.

This basic diet should be continued for 10 days straight. Once the diet is done it is advisable to slowly resume normal eating habits so that the body is able to adapt to the change in diet.

During the Diet

It is also a good idea to attempt to increase physical activity slightly during the diet. Doing this will help the skin by sweating out some of the toxins that are trapped in the pores. The extra activity will also add to the weight loss process as well. The first few days the body is going to feel somewhat weak so it may take 2-3 days before the body is capable of regular exercise. If the body feels weak it is a good idea to consume more at each meal. The diet isn’t mean to starve the person doing it. The diet is meant to simply eliminate the junk from the diet and replace it with healthier more natural foods during the cleanse.

Regular sleep should also be performed during the cleanse. The extra sleep allows the body to repair itself and gives the cleanse a much better chance at working effectively. Sleep shouldn’t be overdone but the normal 8 hours of sleep should be followed during the diet as it should be on a regular basis anyway.

After the Diet

There should be a reasonable weight loss after the diet. If it is done properly fewer calories should be consumed than would normally be consumed on a daily basis. This shouldn’t be done purposely, it happens simply because it is hard to consume enough calories when the food is bland and low in calories. It is a good idea to take advantage of this diet by sticking to a less restrictive but still low calorie diet for a while to get the greatest health benefits from it.